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USAA CD Rates March 2015

CD rates offered by USAA are quite competitive relative to most major banks and the average rates available across the country.  However, many of the bank’s CD rates are no longer among the ten bank CD rates available nationally. 

The short term CD rates promoted by USAA are often the most competitive.  In fact, the nine month CD rate often makes the list of top ten best nine CD rates.  The three month CD rates are also very competitive as are the one year certificates.

USAA offers CDs with terms that can be as short as three months or as long as seven years.  Along with standard, fixed rates CDs, USAA offers variable rate certificates of deposit, adjustable rate certificates of deposit, jumbo certificates, and super jumbo CDs.

The adjustable certificates are similar to bump up CDs as opposed to straight up, variable rate accounts.  These accounts have a fixed interest rate with a one-time rate adjustment that can be made during the term of the CD without extending the maturity date.  The one-time adjustment may change the rate up to 2 percent higher, if interest rates rise.  See the bank’s Depository Agreement for details.

The USSA standard CD requires a minimum deposit of $1,000.00.  Jumbo CDs are defined by the bank as accounts with deposits of $95,000.00 or greater.  The Super Jumbo CD product is for deposit amounts of $175,000.00 and greater.

Current standard CD rates at USAA include:

91 day CD rate is 0.30%
182 day and 7 month certificate rate is 0.56%
270 day rate 0.66%
1 year and 15 month CD interest rate is 0.71%
18 month certificate yield is 0.76%
2 year CD account rate 0.81%
30 month CD rate of return 0.85%
3 year CD rate is 0.91%
4 year rate 0.95%
5 year and 7 year certificates yield 1.06%

The interest rate on these accounts are locked for the term of the CD.  CD interest earned can be added back to the CD balance or credited to another account monthly.  All accounts are FDIC insured up to applicable limits.  All bank rates are current as of March 13, 2015 and are subject to change at any time.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Existing customers as well new USAA customers can open a CD account on their website at  More information about the bank CDs and bank rates can be obtained by visiting the web site or contacting the USAA customer service number at 800-531-8722.

USAA Bank CD Rates June 14, 2013

USAA through USAA Bank offers a myriad of CD accounts and CD rates for consumers nationwide.  The bank offers traditional bank CDs that earn a guaranteed rate of return throughout the term of the CD.  USAA also offers variable rate CD accounts that have an interest rate that is subject to change daily.  Finally, USSA markets an adjustable rate CD that comes with aguaranteed rate of return on the CD with an added feature that allows the account holder to take advantage of a one-time rate adjustment of up to 2% if CD rates rise.

The traditional fixed rate and fixed term CDs have three separate deposit tiers at the bank.  The minimum deposit amount is $1,000.00.  The bank also offers jumbo CDs with a minimum deposit of $95,000.00.  And for those extra-large deposit amounts, USAA has a super jumbo CD tier for deposits amounts of $175,000.00.  With the larger deposit amounts at USAA, the account holder will generally receive a higher CD interest rate.

The bank’s variable interest rate CDs have a minimum deposit amount of $250.00.  This CD account also allows the account holder to make additional deposits into the CD account at any time without extending the maturity of the certificate.

The adjustable rate CD that has a guaranteed rate of return plus the flexibility of a one-time rate adjustment option has the same deposit requirements as the traditional fixed rate CDs.

Current USAA CD rates on June 14, 2013 for the fixed rate CDs with a deposit amount of $1,000.00 have the following interest rates and terms:

The 91 day CD rate is 0.30%.
182 day term CDs and 7 month term CDs earn 0.56%.
The 270 day CD rate is 0.66%.
A one year CD at USAA as well as the 15 month CD yields 0.71%.
18 month term certificates have an interest rate of 0.76%.
2 year CD rates earn a rate of 0.81%.
30 month CDs have a rate of 0.85%.
The 3 year CD rate is 0.91%.
4 year bank CDs are at 0.95%.
The 5 year and 7 year term CD rate at USAA is 1.06%.

The listed USAA CD rates are current as of June 14, 2013.  The USAA bank CD interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this publication date. 

This information is believed to be reliable, but the information is not guaranteed.  Contact the bank directly for the most up to date and accurate bank rates and account terms and conditions.  Additional information can be obtained by calling a USAA Bank representative at 1-800-531-8722.

USAA CD Rates June 2011

USAA CDs are issued by USAA Bank which is part of USAA group of diversified financial services of companies. Though USAA is not commonly known for its banking products, the bank not only offers a wide array of financial services and products but also offers some of the best rates and terms on many of their consumer accounts. USAA Bank or USAA Federal Savings Bank is a member FDIC and has grown to become the 38th largest bank in the nation.

USAA CDs have terms from 30 days to seven years. The CD options from the bank include fixed rate CDs, variable rate CDs and CDs that have stepped up interest rates. All of these bank CDs are FDIC insured.

Along with the standard fixed rate, fixed term CDs USAA offer an adjustable rate CD that allows the account holder to increase the rate once during the term of the CD. The one time interest rate adjustment can be made during the term of the CD without extending the maturity date. Other than the rate adjustment, the CD rate is a guaranteed rate of return.

The bank also has a straight up variable rate CD that has a CD interest rate that is subject to change daily. With this variable rate bank CD, account holders can make additional deposits in the amount of $25.00 or more at any time without extending the maturity date of the certificate.

The fixed interest rate CDs have a rate that is locked for term of the CD. The interest earned on can be added back to the CD to the account or the account holder can request that the interest be credited to another account on a monthly basis.

Current CD rates and terms on the fixed rate USAA CDs for deposit amounts of $1,000.00 include the following:

USAA 91 days CD rate 0.45%
182 days CD rate 0.61%
7 months CD rate 0.66%
270 days CD rate 0.76%
1 year CD rate 0.91%
15 month CD rate 1.11%
18 month CD rate 1.26%
2 year CD rate 1.45%
30 month CD rate 1.55%
3 year CD rate 1.65%
4 year CD rate 1.91%
5 year CD rate 2.25%
7 year CD rate 2.55%

All rates are believed to be accurate but are subject to change. An early withdrawal penalty may be imposed. USAA Bank can be reached at 800-531-8722 for additional information.

USAA CD Rates May 26, 2010

USAA has been offering some competitive long term CD rates as well as short and mid term bank CDs that are well above the national averages.

USAA Federal Savings Bank offers these CDs online as well as through their headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. USAA Federal Savings Bank is chartered as a Savings Association. USAA Federal Savings Bank has been marketing FDIC insured products since 1983.

USAA provides a variety of financial products and services to the military and their families and also provides a range of financial products and services to the general public. Many of the insurance and credit products of USAA are membership based. However, many investments, financial planning, life insurance and banking products such as checking, savings, CDs and credit cards are available to everyone.

One of the producst available to evryone at USSA are the USAA CDs. USAA offers bank CDs that have both fixed rates and variable rates. The fixed rate CDs have an interest rate that remains constant throughout the term or maturity of the certificate. All of the USAA CDs are FDIC insured. The terms on the USAA CDs range from 30 days to 7 years.

Current fixed rate USAA CD rates and terms include:

91 day USAA CD rate is 0.70%
182 day USAA CD interest rate 0.75%
7 month CD interest rate 0.85%
270 CD rate 0.95%
1 year CD rate 1.06%
15 month bank CD rate 1.30%
18 month CD interest rate 1.55%
2 year CD rate 1.75%
30 bank rate 2.05%
3 year USAA CD rate 2.34%
4 year rate is 2.60%
5 year CD rate 3.00%
7 year USAA bank CD rate is 3.55%

There is $1,000.00 minimum deposit to open the bank standard CDs. USAA also offers jumbo CD rates for deposits over $95,000.00 and super jumbo CD rates for deposits in excess of $175,000.00. Retirement account or IRA CDs are also available from USAA Bank. To view current bank IRA CD rates visit our page labeled IRA CD rates, for current bank jumbo CD rates please see our page labeled jumbo CD rates.

The bank CD accounts can be accessed anytime with the convenience of online and mobile banking with USAA Bank.

Additional products offered by USAA Bank include: checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans, personal loans, motorcycle, RV, boat loans, youth banking, college banking and more.

For current CD interest rates from USAA Bank as well as additional account information, a USAA representative can be reached at 1-800-531-8722.