Find current US Bank mortgage rates for fixed rate mortgages, jumbo mortgage rates, adjustable mortgage rates, FHA mortgage rates and VA mortgage rates. Compare and shop US Bank mortgage rates for home purchases and refinances. Search the list of all US Banks current mortgage rates. US Bank mortgage rates are often some of the best current mortgage rates and home financing programs available. Whether you are new home loan borrower looking for purchase financing or searching for a mortgage refinance, US Bank has a number mortgage options available. US bank markets a variety of mortgage rates and mortgage loan products such as mortgage refinances including cash out refinance transactions, second home purchases transactions, home equity loans, and more. Discover the variety of mortgage loans and the present mortgage interest rates offered by Chase Bank. Mortgage rates listed are subject to change and all home loans require US Bank approval. US Bank mortgage rates will vary based on a number of factors regarding the property and the borrower including; geographic location, property type, down payment amount, loan amount, credit profile and the assets and income of the applicant.

Current Mortgage Rates Today June 15, 2012

Mortgage rates have gyrated quite a bit over the past 24 hours but remain close to their low levels of the week.  While mortgage interest rates jumped early in the week they have settled down Thursday and into Friday morning.  The net effect of these changes is an average interest rate at the top bank mortgage lenders that is not far off of the historical lows reached on June1st.  With the recent rebound in the stock market it is somewhat surprising that mortgage rates have been able to hold these ultra low positions.

Current mortgage rates from the top three big bank mortgage lenders are improved from Thursday with all three mortgage lenders offering 30 year fixed rate home loan well under 4.00 percent.   The results for the big three bank mortgage lenders in nation displayed the following results for a new home loan in the California housing market:

Wells Fargo 30 year mortgage rate is 3.625 percent with 1.0 point and an APR of 3.773 percent.

Bank of America offers the 30 year mortgage at 3.500 percent and 1.375 points with a 3.683 percent APR.

Chase Bank 30 year mortgage is 3.625 percent and 0.25 points for an APR of 3.706 percent.

These mortgage rates were obtained using information obtained directly from the lenders listed but are subject to change at any time.   The mortgage rates are based on purchase money mortgage loan for a California property with a greater than 20 percent down payment for a single family owner occupied home.  The loan requests assume the borrower has good credit. 

Mortgage rates, the points charged and the APRs may change based on several factors including, the property location, the loan amount, the property value, the loan to value, the borrower’s credit score as well as other underwriting factors.

US Bank Mortgage Rates April 4, 2011

Consumers looking for the lowest mortgage rates for either a refinance or home purchase should review the mortgage rates offered by US Bank. US Bank has continually offered competitive mortgage rates with low closing costs on a variety of home loan programs. US Bank is one of the largest home mortgage lenders in the nation and offers a wide range of mortgage loan products from conventional loans, jumbo loans, FHA mortgages and more.

US Bank provides mortgage lending assistance to home buyers throughout the country through a number of different channels. Potential home loan borrowers can obtain a home loan at one of the many bank branch locations operated by US Bank or by calling the mortgage loan department or by applying online. The ease of access and broad selection of mortgage loan programs makes it easy for you to get help for your mortgage needs

Current US Bank mortgage rates as of April 4, 2011 include the following loan programs, mortgage rates, points and loan APRs:

US Bank 30 year mortgage rate 5.00% with no points and a 5.066% APR
US Bank 15 year mortgage rate is at 4.250% with zero points and a 4.361% APR
US Bank 10 year mortgage rate is 3.875% and no points with an APR of 4.033%
US Bank 20 year mortgage rate is at 4.750% and zero points yielding an APR of 4.839%
US Bank FHA 30 year mortgage rate is 4.875% with no points and an APR of 5.402%
US Bank 3 year ARM is 3.375% with zero points for an APR of 3.532%
30 year jumbo loan from US Bank has a rate of 5.125% with 1.0 point and an APR at 5.282%

Additional mortgage rates, point options and APRs are available. The mortgage rates listed assume a 20% down payment on a single family home for a borrower with excellent credit. US Bank not only provides home loan for standard purchase transactions but also handles refinance transactions for rate and term refinances and cash out refinance transactions.

It is always a good idea to compare US Bank mortgage rates with other top bank mortgage lenders before submitting a new home loan application. Be sure to check current loan rates, costs as we
The top 30 year mortgage rates available today can be found at 30 year mortgage rates while the top 15 year mortgage rates is available at. 15 year mortgage rates.
To find low mortgage rates at other banks for 10 year and 20 year mortgage terms refer to 10 year mortgage rates or 20 year mortgage rates.

US Bank mortgage rates are current as of this publication date and are subject to change at any time. To contact a US Bank mortgage representative regarding current mortgage rates or lending options, a representative can be reached at 800-365-8544.

To find a list of US Bank branch locations please see US Bank Branch Locations .

US Bank Mortgage Rates July 5, 2010

Mortgage rates have been making a rather dramatic downward move over the past several weeks and US Bank mortgage rates have mirrored that action. US Bank mortgage rates are now lower on most terms and home loan products offered by the bank.

With mortgage interest rates continuing to remain attractive, more prospective borrowers have started mortgage shopping and loan application volume is once again on the rise for refinance transactions and to a lesser extent or new home purchase transactions albeit, modestly.

The following is sample of loan rates from US Bank based in the survey of bank mortgage rate. Current US Bank mortgage rates and program include:

US Bank mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed rate home loan is now at 4.625% with no points and a 4.69% APR.

The 15 year fixed rate mortgage from US Bank is at 4.125% with no points and a 4.236% APR.

The 30 year FHA mortgage rate is 4.75% with zero points resulting in a 5.271% APR.

The 5 year adjustable rate mortgage has a rate of 3.625% with zero points and an APR at 3.846%.

A 30 jumbo home loan has fallen to 5.00% with 1.0 point and an APR of 5.155%.

The US Bank mortgage rates listed on this page are current as of this publication date but are subject to change and require bank approval. The current mortgage rates are based on a single-family, owner occupied property with a 20% or greater down payment. Individual mortgage rates may vary depending on geographic location, down payment, credit and other factors.

To contact US Bank directly regarding current mortgage rates and mortgage loan programs a mortgage representative can be reached by calling 800-365-8544.

Whether you are in the market for purchase financing or looking for mortgage refinance assistance, US Bank offers a number loan options. US Bank offers mortgages in all 50 states, borrowers can find US Bank mortgage rates in CA, US Bank mortgage rates in TX, US Bank mortgage rates in NY, US Bank mortgage rates in FL, US Bank mortgage rates in IL, US Bank mortgage rates in PA and more locations across the nation.