Find the most current Union Bank CDs and Union Bank CD rates. Union Bank offers a wide variety of certificates of deposit with competitive CD rates. See the most recent bank deals and bank reviews on Union Bank CDs. Union Bank is a diversified financial services institution that markets wide range of banking products including bank CDs, savings accounts, money market accounts and IRA CDs. Union Bank is just one of the banks surveyed by of FDIC insured bank CDs. Shop and compare the best CD rates offered by Union Bank. Union Bank CDs are included in the list of the best CD rates from banks and credit unions. The bank rate survey includes the best nationwide CD rates and the best CD rates by state. Find Union Bank CD rates in California, Union Bank CD rates in Oregon, Union Bank CD rates in Washington and Union Bank CD rates in Texas.

Union Bank CD Rates June 2011

Union Banks CDs can be a great savings option for those consumers that don’t need immediate access to your funds and want a predictable rate of return. Long term CD rates with Union Bank are significantly higher than the national average CD rates for similar terms while the short and midterm CD rates are falling below the national average rates.

Union Bank is an FDIC insured full service commercial bank based in California. Union Bank operates over 400 branch locations California, Oregon, Washington and Texas.

Union Bank CDs are available in standard deposit amounts as well as jumbo amounts and can also be acquired as IRA CD accounts. The minimum deposit amount for the non IRA CDs is $350.00 for a term of 32 days to 60 months or $2,500.00 for CD terms of seven to 31 days. The minimum deposit amount for the Union Bank fixed rate IRA CDs is $350.00. There is no service fee for a non-IRA bank CDs.

Union Bank CDs can be opened at one of the many bank branches directly. With the telephone banking services at Union Bank, CD account holders can check their balances and even make select transactions with the account directly over the telephone.

Union Bank CDs earn interest that is compounded daily. Fixed rate CDs are available with maturities that are as short as seven days to as long as five years. The bank will impose an early withdrawal for account holders that withdraw funds prior to maturity.

Current Union Bank CD promotions from CDs in California include the following CD terms and CD rates:

Union Bank 7-31 day CD rate is 0.05%
32-89 day CD rate 0.10%
90-179 day CD rate 0.15%
180-364 day CD rate 0.30%
12-17 month CD rate 0.40%
18-23 month CD rate 0.60
24-35 month CD rate 0.60%
36-47 month CD rate 0.75%
48-59 month CD rate 1.50%
60 month CD rate 2.50%

CD interest rates arte current as of June 30, 2011 but are subject to change at any time. For current CD rates from the Union Bank, a representative can be reached at1-800-238-4486.

Union Bank CD Rates June 2010

Union Bank is a California based financial institution that carries a wide array of investing options including certificates of deposit with competitive California CD rates. Union Bank is offering some great CD rates on short term CDs that require only a $350.00 minimum deposit as well as longer term CDs that require a minimum deposit amount of $2,500.00.

Union Bank CDs offer a guaranteed rate of interest on the funds deposited and all CD accounts are FDIC insured. Union Bank CDs earn interest that is compounded daily. For bank CDs with a term in excess of 1 year, the earned interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

There is no service fees on the standard bank CDs, there may be an early withdrawal fee if the deposited funds are withdrawn prior to maturity

Union Bank has several certificate offers; one current promotion requires a Union Bank checking account. On a 2 year CD or 3 year CD, if the account holder opens a Union Bank checking account with the CD they earn special CD rate of 2.50% APY on the 3 year term or 2.00% APY on the 2 year term. There is a minimum deposit of $10,000.00 to open the linked CDs with the promotional interest rate.

Current standard Union Bank CD rates and terms include:

7 day to 31 day CD rate is 0.10%
32 day to 89 day bank CD rate is 0.15%
90 day to 179 day Union Bank CD rate is at 0.25%
180 day to 364 day CD interest rate 0.30%
1 year to 17 month bank CD rate 0.70%
18 month to 23 month Union Bank rate is 0.80%
2 year to 35 month CD interest rate is 0.90%
3 year to 47 month CD rate is 1.35%
4 year to 59 month bank rate 2.05%
5 year CD rate 2.25%

Along with these California CD rates, Union Bank has bank offices in other states where the bank offers certificates including competitive CD rates in Oregon, Washington CD rates and Texas CD rates.

CD rates are subject to change and can be made at any time by the bank. Additional conditions may apply to open the accounts. For current CD rates and more account information a Union Bank customer service representative can be reached at 800-818-6060.