Simi Valley Mortgage Rates and Simi Valley Mortgage Loans
Compare the top Simi Valley Mortgage Rates offered from Local Simi Valley Mortgage Lenders. Search the List of Simi Valley Home Loan Rates to Find the Lowest Mortgage Rate in Simi Valley . Review Current Simi Valley Loan Rates to secure the Lowest Mortgage Payment Available. Find Simi Valley Mortgage Rates for New Home Purchases and Mortgage Refinances in the Region.
Simi Valley Mortgage Rates
Simi Valley Mortgage Lender Simi Valley Mortgage Rate Points APR
Popular Community Bank Mortgage Rates
3.550 0.000 3.611
Cathay Bank Mortgage Rates
3.500 0.000 3.540
California Bank and Trust Mortgage Rates
3.625 0.500 3.706
UMPQUA Bank Mortgage Rates
3.500 1.000 3.648
Chase California Mortgage Rates
3.500 0.000 3.530
Fremont Bank Mortgage Rates
3.750 0.125 3.794
West Coast Bank Mortgage Rates
3.750 0.250 3.800
Bank of the West Mortgage Rates
3.500 0.625 3.623
Bank America California Mortgage Rates
3.375 0.614 3.504
Discover Bank Mortgage Rates
3.990 1.000 4.140
Even though the GDP numbers released last week were stronger than expected, banks continued to trim interest rates further on certificates of deposit.  Financial institutions cut rates on three of the four CD terms measured in the weekly bank rate survey.  While yields moved lower for the short and midterm CDs, the long term
Opportunities for investing in high rate certificates of deposit are still available in a variety of markets.  Florida residents for example, have a number of CDs with a range of maturities to choose forms that are appreciably above the national averages.  The best six month CD rate in Florida is over ½ percent higher than
Interest rates on certificates of deposit were lower for the week ending April 10, 2009.  Although CD rates have been on a steady decline throughout the year the rate of decline on bank CD yields was been reduced slightly this week.  The longer term maturities saw the smallest reduction in rates.  On the longer term