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HSBC CD.  HSBC Bank CD rates have been frequently found within the list of the top ten CD rates available nationally.  HSBC CD rates are offered through the bank branches as well as online.  HSBC CD rates will vary depending on whether the CD account is opened online through a bank branch.

Current HSBC Bank CD rates offered through the bank’s online channel include:

4 month CD rate 0.15%

6 month bank CD rate 1.10%

9 month CD interest rate 1.15%

1 year plus 1 day CD rate 1.85%

13 month CD interest rate 1.85%

15 month CD rate 1.85%

2 year CD rate 1.60%

HSBC bank CD rates are often some of the most competitive bank rates available.  The above listed HSBC Bank CD rates can be opened online and the CD rate received is the rate that is in effect at the time of funding.  Interest is compounded daily on the listed bank CD terms.

In addition to these bank CD rates, HSBC Bank also offers an online savings account that currently has an interest rate of 1.35% and requires a low minimum $1.00 deposit to open the account and obtain the 1.35% interest rate.  The minimum opening deposit to obtain the CD rates is $1,000.00.

HSBC Bank offers a wide array of bank products and services throughout the U.S. including personal financial services, commercial banking, global banking and private banking.  Personal financial service of HSBC include high yield savings, bank CDs, installment loans, mutual funds, investments, insurance and more.

HSBC Bank USA is the ninth largest bank in the U.S. ranked by assets.  HSBC Bank operates over 560 bank branches in New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, California, Delaware, Illinois, Oregon and Washington.  HSBC Group is one of the world’s largest financial institutions.  HSBC Group is headquartered in London.