Citibank CD Rates November 2015

Citibank CD Rates remain on par with most of the major money center banks going into November.  Unfortunately, staying on par with the other big banks in the nation means returns that are below average.  The rates at most of the major banks, including those at Citibank, are not only less than optimal but the rates of return are less than the average rate offered from the majority banks across the country as promulgated by the FDIC.

Since Citibank is one of the largest banks in the nation, they offer a very impressive range of CDs.  The bank offers a number of different certificate of deposit products with different terms and rates along with a tiered system of rates that rewards account holders with higher yields for higher balances.

The CD rates currently available at Citibank start at 0.05% for the short term, three month account, and go on up to 0.60% for the five year term certificate.  Incremental increases between the account terms are rather consistent with the Citibank six month CD yielding 0.07%, the one year CD at Citi returning 0.15%, and the Citi two year CD providing account holders with a 0.25% rate.  In comparison, the national average rate for a three month term CD is 0.08%, 0.12% for a six month CD, and 0.79% for a five year certificate.

Like most all traditional bank CDs, accounts at Citi are fixed rate and fixed term with an interest rate that won’t change before the account matures.  All Citibank CDs require a minimum deposit of $500.00.

CD interest earned is paid monthly or at maturity for all accounts with terms of one year or less.  The interest earned is paid monthly for all Citi CDs with terms greater than one year.  CDs are set to renew automatically at maturity for the same term as the account reaching maturity.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.

More information about the accounts and current CD interest rates can be obtained by visiting the bank website located at or by calling the Citibank customer service number at 1-800-374-9700.

Citibank CD Rates for the Week Ending August 14, 2009

Citibank CD rates were predominantly unchanged for the week ending August 14, 2009.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for CD investors considering opening a bank CD with the nation’s third largest bank.  When you are looking for the best CD rates, Citibank CD rates rank as some of the best in the nation depending on the region.  Citibank CD rates also have some of the greatest variety among the major U.S. banks.

The CD rates at Citibank published in the accompanying table represent the in branch CD rates the bank promotes nationwide.  The best CD rates at Citibank are generally the online specials that the bank promotes either through select media outlets or by calling one of their customer service representatives.

Some of the in branch CD rates are quite attractive as well and require only a minimum $500.00 deposit.  The one year Citibank CD rate is presently at 1.50%.  An 18 month CD rate at Citibank is being promoted with a yield of 2.25%, which is comparable to some of the best CD rates available nationally with a longer two year term.  A four year CD rate from Citibank stands at 2.75%.  The in branch CD rates at Citibank range in term from three months, which has a CD rate of 0.40%, to five years, which has a CD rate of 3.00%.

The Citibank CD Rates that are most attractive are the regional online CD rates.  For example, a one year CD rate in Illinois has an interest rate of 2.00%.  A two year CD rate with Citibank in Virginia is at 2.50%.  Citibank CD rates with a five year term in California lead the state.  Citibank CD rates in California with a five year terms are currently at 4.00%.

Citibank CD rates are subject to change without notice.  For current CD rates and bank CD account information, a bank representative can be reached at 800-374-9500.  To investigate all of the diverse CD rates and terms offered by Citibank including the regional specials it will be necessary to call a bank representative.  Standard Citibank CD rates are available online at the Citibank website located at