Find out how to open a bank account. Get information on how to open a bank account at a bank branch as well as how to open a bank account online. See what you need to open a bank account in the U.S. Compare the requirements to open a bank account online, by phone or in person. Review the process to open a variety of bank accounts from bank checking accounts to bank savings accounts. Learn how to open a bank account to obtain the best bank account that meets your needs. A new bank account can make it easier for consumers to save money and provide better financial management. Establish a new bank account quickly and easily with the right bank documents and required forms. Find out where to open a bank account and how to get a bank checking account now. Go over the age requirements, identification and procedure needed to open a bank account. Discover how old you need to be to open a bank account as well as other needs from local banks to the largest U.S. banks.
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