Northwest Savings Bank Mortgage Rates

Review the latest mortgage rates and terms offered by Northwest Savings Bank. Compare the rates promoted by Northwest Savings Bank across a broad assortment of loan products in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Maryland. Northwest Savings Bank is a leading mortgage lender offering low rates and costs in the four states where than bank has local branch operations.

The fixed rate mortgages promoted by Northwest Savings Bank are the most popular mortgage available to borrowers for purchases and refinances. With the fixed mortgage rate loans, the interest rate stays the same throughout the loan period. Fixed mortgages are available in 30 year terms, 20 year, 15 years and 10 year terms.

The adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) available at Northwest Savings Bank have interest rates that change over the life of the loan, based on market conditions. These loans carry lower rates than loans that have a fixed rate and payment for their entire life, but they also carry the risk that they will adjust in the future. ARMs through Northwest Savings Bank may be fixed for their first three, five, seven, or ten years then adjust once a year for the rest of their 30-year term.

Compare the current 30 year mortgage rates, 20 year mortgage rates, and 15 year mortgage rates available through Northwest Savings Bank on a $250,000.00 loan request:

Northwest Savings Bank Mortgage Rates
Northwest Savings Bank Mortgage Rate Points APR
Northwest Savings Bank 30 Year Mortgage Rate
3.500 0.000 3.536
Northwest Savings Bank 20 Year Mortgage Rate
3.375 0.000 3.425
Northwest Savings Bank 15 YearMortgage Rate
2.750 0.000 2.778

Additional mortgages rates and terns are available through the bank as well as different term structures and repayment plans. The actual interest rate and fees available on an individual loan request may be different than the rates displayed here and will be based on the specific loan conditions such as the credit history of the borrower, the property type and location, the loan amount, loan to value, and other loan underwriting conditions. All mortgage loan programs and mortgage rates are subject to change at any time. All loan requests are subject to approval by the bank. Other terms, conditions and restrictions may apply.

Mortgage programs are available for refinances in addition to home purchases. Many of the same home loan products marketed by Northwest Savings Bank for purchases can be used for refinances as well. The Northwest Savings Bank refinance rates are competitively priced and can be obtained to solve a variety of home financing needs.

Northwest Savings Bank mortgage representative are available to provide easy to understand explanations on each of the loan program options. New borrowers can call or e-mail one of the Northwest Savings Bank mortgage representatives can answer questions regarding new loan products or mortgage rates or provide advice on the optimal loan product to meet a particular financing situation.

Northwest Savings Bank also offers a prequalification program to help new home buyers. With the prequalification program, the bank will review an applicantís credit history and determine affordable mortgage payment options.

The mortgage information presented is believed to be reliable but may have changed since this publication date, the information is not guaranteed.

A Northwest Savings Bank mortgage representative can be reached by calling 1-877-672-5678. Additional information on the Northwest Savings Bank mortgage rates and local programs can be found at the bank web site located at

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