Mortgage closing costs cover expenses associated with getting a home loan. The closing costs are the costs of getting a mortgage and can vary widely. Loan closing costs will vary depending on the type of mortgage loans such as FHA closing costs and refinance closing costs and between different mortgage lenders. Home loan borrowers should compare all the mortgage closing costs and mortgage fees involved in obtaining a mortgage. Mortgage closing costs will include charges such as; origination points and discount points, title insurance, survey, appraisals, credit checks, processing and documentation fees, attorney closing fees, hazard insurance, real estate taxes and mortgage insurance escrows and interest prepayments. Shop and compare mortgage closing costs to obtain the best home loan for your needs. Shopping around for a home loan or mortgage including the mortgage rates and home closing costs will help you to get the best financing deal and avoid surprises at the mortgage closing. Often mortgages with lower interest rates typically carry higher closing costs in the form of points or other fees but this is not always case. Different mortgage lenders may offer different mortgage interest rates and loan closing costs to different consumers for the same home loan, even when the borrowers have the same loan qualifications. Mortgage closing costs may vary from one area to another and from one lender to another. Consider all mortgage features when shopping for a new mortgage loans whether the loan is a fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, jumbo loan or FHA mortgage including the mortgage rates, the APR (annual percentage rate), and the settlement costs or closing costs. Compare information about the same loan amount, loan term, and type of loan so that you can compare the information accurately. Review FHA closing costs for similar FHA loans, review refinancing closing costs on similar mortgage refinance requests. Be prepared with the right mortgage questions to obtain all the information needed for clear and comfortable loan closing.