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Huntington CD Rates June 2011

As June comes to a close, Huntington Bank CD rates are slipping behind the national average CD rates. Most consumers searching on the Internet for bank CDs are searching for the highest CD rates in their area or the best bank CDs that can be obtained nationwide. While Huntington Bank CDs remain competitive among the large regional banks, the CD interest rates are far from the best available.

Huntington offers quite a wide selection of CD s to choose from. The standard Huntington fixed rate and fixed term CDs have maturities ranging 14 days to over 5 years. Other Huntignton CDs have various speical attributes such as CDs with limited early withdrawl penalities and CDs that have increasing rates and more.

Huntington markets a wide choice of terms for the traditional bank CDs as well special rates for promotional CDs. The Huntington CDs may not be the highest in the land but they do generally offer higher yields than other savings prodcut and are covered by FDIC insurance.

Current CD promotions include an easy access CD that allows account holders to with draw the entire principal invested penalty free after a period of six days. The 12 month easy access CD has a current rate of 0.50%. The minimum deposit for the easy access CD is $1,500.00.

Current CD rates and terms offered by Huntington Bank on deposit amounts of $1,000.00 include the following:

Huntington Bank 1 month CD rate 0.05%
Huntington 3 month CD rate 0.10%
6 month CD rate 0.15%
9 month CD rate 0.15%
12 month CD rate 0.20%
18 month CD rate 0.35%
24 month CD rate 0.50%
36 month CD rate 0.75%
48 month CD rate 0.85%
60 month CD rate 1.20%
72 month CD rate 1.45%

The CD rates listed are based on the banks online CD pricing; rates may vary for in bank branch accounts. All CD interest rates are subject to change prior to opening an account with Huntington Bank.

To apply for a new Huntington CD, applicants can call the customer service line at 1-800-480-2265 between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m Monday to Friday as well as 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday. Bank CDs can also be opened online at one of the many Huntington Bank branches.

Huntington CD Rates July 12, 2010

Huntington Bank offers a wide variety of other certificates of deposit (CDs) with varying bank CD interest rates. Huntington CDs include traditional fixed rate and fixed maturity CDs as well as jumbo CDs, early withdrawal bank CDs, increasing rate CDs and CDs that earn a higher interest rate linked to another Huntington Bank account.

Huntington Bank CDs are available in terms that are as short as 14 days and run up to several years.

A few of Huntington Bank promotional CDs includes the easy access CD, the step rate CD and the linked CD. The easy access bank CD allows account holders to withdraw the entire principal without an early withdrawal penalty after a period of six days, similar to a liquid CD. The easy access CD has a minimum deposit of $15,000.00, a term of 1 year and earns a CD interest rate of 0.80%.

The step rate bank CD is available with terms of 2 years or 4 years. The 2 year step rate CD has preset rate increases every 6 months while the 4 year has preset rate increases every year. Both step rate CDs require a minimum $1,000.00 deposit.

The 2 year step rate CD starts with a CD rate of 1.60%, increases to a CD rate of 1.75% after 6 months, adjusts again to 2.18% and makes a final rate increase to 2.7%%.

The 4 year step rate CD starts with a CD interest rate of 1.05%, adjusts to a CD rate of 1.45% after 1 year, adjusts again up to 2.25% and makes the final rate increase to 2.75%.

The Huntington Bank linked CD accounts require another approved Huntington Bank account in which the interest earned on the CD is paid. The linked CD accounts are available with a 13 month term or a 37 month term. Both bank CDs require a minimum $1,000.00 deposit.

The 13 month linked CD rate is 1.35%.
The 37 month linked CD rate is 2.45%.

The Huntington CDs with standard terms and conditions cover a wide array of terms and rates. A sample of the current Huntington CD rates and terms for deposits of $1,000.00 include:

3 month CD rate 0.18%
6 month CD rate is 0.21%
1 year CD rate is 0.32%
2 year Huntington CD rate is 0.64%
5 year Huntington CD interest rate is 1.23%

Huntington CD rates listed are current as of this publication date but are not guaranteed. Additional conditions may apply to open the bank CDs.

For current CD rates and more information on Huntington bank products, a bank representative can be reached at 800-480-2265.

For information Huntington jumbo CDs see jumbo CD rates.