Hudson Bank CD rates. Hudson City Savings Bank CD rates. Rates on all Hudson Bank CDs. CD rates and terms for current Hudson Bank NY and Hudson Bank NJ.

Hudson Bank CD Rates June 2011

Hudson City Savings Bank has ramped up their CD rates in June, 2011 to compete with the best CD rates available nationwide. The CD rates at Hudson City have now reached the status of the highest CD rates on select terms promoted by the bank. Hudson City Savings Bank offers bank CDs in the three states in which they operate of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. In addition, the bank offers certificates through the mail and online to any location in the nation.

As the bank website so aptly puts it, “Whether you’re in the office, on the road, on vacation or in the comfort of your home you can open a CD 24/7.”

Hudson City is an FDIC insured bank that is one of the largest banks in the Northeast United States. Bank customer accounts with Hudson City are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per owner.

CD terms available from Hudson City can be acquired with maturity that is short as 91 days or as long as five years with a great deal of variety in between those terms. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly on last business day to the CD accounts. Account holders do have the option to receive their CD interest outside of the account. Interest accrued on the bank CDs can be transferred to another Hudson City account or sent by check monthly.

There is a minimum deposit of $500.00 to open the Hudson Bank CDs.

A sample of Hudson Bank CD rates and terms include the following:

Hudson Bank 91 day CD rate 0.75%
4 month CD rate is 0.75%
5 month CD interest rate is 0.75%
6 month bank CD rate is 0.75%
7 month CD rate is 0.75%
9 month CD interest rate is 0.75%
1 year CD rate 1.00%
13 month CD rate 1.00%
18 month CD rate 1.30%
2 year CD rate is 1.50%
30 month CD rate 1.50%
3 year CD rate 1.75%
4 year CD rate 2.25%
5 year CD rate 2.50%

All bank CD rates are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at any time. The bank CDs listed are for fixed term and fixed interest rate CDs. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.

Along with the top CD rates, Hudson Bank also offers a very competitive money market account. The Hudson Bank online money market account has a current interest rate of 1.05% and is available with direct deposit.

Hudson City Bank is the 36th largest bank in the country and is headquartered in New Jersey. The bank manages more than 125 bank branches in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Questions regarding the bank CDs and other deposit products can be directed to the bank customer service line at 1-866-881-4272.

Hudson Bank CD Rates July 7, 2010

Hudson City Bank offers competitive CD rates in NY, competitive CD rates in NJ and CT as well as a limited array of bank CDs online, which are available in all 50 states. Hudson City Bank is headquartered in New Jersey and offers consumers attractive certificates of deposit that exceed the current average national CD rates.

Bank CDs at Hudson City earn interest that is compounded daily and credited monthly to the account. The bank CD interest earned can be credited to the CD account, transferred to another Hudson City bank account or a check for the accrued interest can be mailed monthly to the account holder.

The minimum deposit amount to open the certificates of deposit is just $500.00 with the exception of the online CDs which require a deposit in the amount of $5,000.00.

The best CD rates offered by Hudson City Bank include the following rates and terms:

3 month Hudson Bank CD rates ( 91 day ) is 1.00%
7 month Hudson Bank CD rate is 1.10%
1 year CD rate is 1.25%
18 month bank CD rate is 1.50%
2 year CD interest rate 2.00%
3 year CD rate 2.25%
4 year Hudson Bank CD rate is 2.75%
5 year bank rate is 3.00%

These bank CDs are cover the CD rates in CT, CD rates in NJ and CD rates in NY offered by the bank. The online CD rates are good for the 3 year term CD at 2.25% and the 2 year term with a rate of 2.00%.

Hudson City Bank also offers an online bank money market account with a rate at 1.00% with a $2,500.00 minimum deposit.

All bank CD rates are current as of this publication date but are subject to change and require bank approval. For current CD rates and additional bank account information, a Hudson City Bank representative can be reached at 201-967-1900.

Hudson City Savings Bank is among the top twenty five largest banks in the nation and is the largest thrift in the nation. Hudson City Savings Bank now has over 130 bank branches in Fairfield, Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland counties, as well as in Long Island, and the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia.