FirstBank Mortgage Rates

Review the latest mortgage rates offered by FirstBank in Colorado, California and Arizona. FirstBank offers many different mortgage programs, from fixed rate mortgage to adjustable rate mortgages. The bank offers competitive mortgage fixed and adjustable rates on conventional mortgages, jumbo loans, and government insured mortgage loans.

FirstBank has fixed rate mortgage loans with 10 to 30 year terms. Adjustable rate mortgages that are typically offered with 5 year and 7 year fixed interest terms. Jumbo loans can be obtained with either a fixed interest rate or variable interest rate. FirstBank has the ability to finance not just owner occupied single family homes but vacation homes, second homes, condominiums, rental properties and investment properties.

Find the current mortgage rates offered by FirstBank for a new home purchase on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, 15 year fixed rate mortgage , and a 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage loan rate that has a fixed interest for the first five years of the loan term before adjusting:

FirstBank Mortgage Rates
FirstBank Mortgage Rate Points APR
FirstBank 30 year Mortgage Rate
3.875 0.375 3.978
FirstBank 15 Year Mortgage Rate
3.000 0.375 3.120
FirstBank 5/1 ARM Mortgage Rate
3.250 0.000 3.407

FirstBank has several additional mortgage loan options available including special programs for first time home buyers. Both portfolio and secondary market financing options are available through the bank. FirstBank provides competitive programs and pricing options on all of their loan programs to meet a wide assortment of real estate financing needs.

For existing home loan borrowers wishing to refinance there are many options available through the bank, even if for borrowers that have less-than-perfect credit. The refinance loan selection has competitive rates based on the qualifying factors of the applicant even for those borrowers looking to put some cash in their pocket.

Mortgage representatives at FirstBank take the time to explain the process and help find the loan that is best for each borrowers budget and needs. In-house loan processing and loan decisions give the bank a leg up on the mortgage competition and reduces the wait time for new borrowers. And, the bank makes it easy to receive a customized mortgage rate quote, monthly payment, and closing cost estimate to help customers evaluate and compare their options.

The mortgage rates and costs estimates provided are based on typical costs and current rates. Mortgage loan programs and bank rates are subject to change at any time. All loans are subject to eligibility, loan program requirements and approval, including credit approval. Adjustments to the loan interest rate or lender origination charges may apply depending on several factors including but not limited to the credit score of the borrower, the loan amount, the property location, the transaction type, the occupancy type, the loan-to-value and the property type.

For more information on FirstBank mortgage loans and mortgage rates or to get started with a new home mortgage application, a FirstBank mortgage representative can be reached at 1-866-964-2040.

All information is based on sources deemed reliable, but no warranty or guarantee is made as to its accuracy or completeness.

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