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First Bank CD Rates May 4, 2010

FirstBank offers competitive CD rates through over 130 bank branch locations in Colorado, Arizona, and California.

As with most CD rates, First Bank CDs yield a higher interest rate the longer the money is tied up or the longer the maturity.  The First Bank CDs earn an interest rate that is fixed at the date of deposit for the term of the account.

First Bank CDs can be opened with a minimum deposit amount of $500.00 for the standard bank CDs or $10,000.00 for the Premier bank CDs.  The Premier CDs generally offer a significantly higher CD interest rate than the standard bank CDs.

Interest earned on either type of certificate of deposit can be credited to the existing certificate of deposit account or transferred monthly or quarterly to another existing FirstBank checking or savings account or the CD interest earned can be paid by check directly to the account holder.

Current CD rates and terms for the standard bank CDs include the following:

91 day FirstBank CD rate is 0.40%
182 day First Bank CD rate is 0.60% 
1 year CD rate is 0.80%
2 year CD interest rate 1.00%
3-1/2 year bank CD rate 1.20%
5 year CD rate 1.70%

The Premier CD accounts are currently offering the following CD rates and terms:

91 day Premier FirstBank CD rate is 0.50%
182 day Premier First Bank CD interest rate is 0.70%
1 year CD rate for the Premier accounts is 0.90%
2 year Premier CD rate is 1.40%
3-1/2 year account CD interest rate is 1.60%
5 year Premier time deposit with FirstBank is 2.30%

FirstBank offers a variety of other consumer deposit savings accounts that can have either a fixed interest rate or variable interest rate based on the deposit and term of the bank account.

The listed First Bank CD rates in Colorado, First Bank CD rates in Arizona, and First Bank CD rates in California are current as of May 4th, 2010 but cannot be guaranteed.  All CD interest rates are subject to bank approval and additional conditions may apply.

For current CD rates and additional account information, a bank representative can be reached at