Find the latest credit union promotions in every state from coast to coast. Take advantage of the special discounts, reduced interest rates, and other perks offered by local credit unions to promote their products. Credit union promotions cover a wide variety of consumer account types and terms. Current credit union promotions can be found on checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, car loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, online banking, and other products and services.

The special discounts and promotions can help save money on banking fees and services, increase the rate of return on a deposit or savings account, or simply make financial transactions and services faster and easier. Along with account promotions, consumers will find other services and discounts offered by local and regional credit unions.

Credit union promotions can often be time sensitive while others are ongoing promotions. When special credit union deals and promotions are uncovered, read the most up-to-the-minute news to find out how these promotions can help you get the right account and services that match your budget and needs. It pays to find the latest credit union account deals and promotions to save money today and for future needs.

Kohler Credit Union in MI Offers 18 Month CD with a 3.25% Yield

High Yield CD Rate at SRP FCU in Central Savannah River Area

TruWest Credit Union Short Term, Better Than 2.00% Rate Promotion

First Federal CU Exceptional CD Rates in Iowa

Latino Credit Union Nationwide High Yield CD Rate Promotions

BCU Short Term High Yield CD Rate

Horizon Credit Union Under Two Year Over 2.00% Promotion

Scient FCU 2017 CD Rate Promotion

Direct Federal Short Term CD More than 5 Times National Average

1st United CU CD Rate Promotion with all the Bells and Whistles

Mid-term High Yield CD Rate at Affinity FCU

High Yield 15 Month Certificate at Collins Community CU

SharePoint Credit Union Short and Long Term CD Rate Promotion

CD Rates Over Three Percent at Self Reliance FCU

Direct Federal 8 Month CD Promotion in Norfolk County

Great New 14 Month CD Rate Promotion at INOVA Federal Credit Union

United Federal Credit Union Six State CD Rate Promotion

High Yield No Penalty CD Promotion at Arbor Financial

Patelco Credit Union High Yield Money Market Promotion

American Eagle FCU CD Rate Promotion in CT

NorthStar Credit Union Ups the Ante on CD Rates in Illinois

High Yield Short Term CD Rate in IL at GCS Credit Union

Deere Employees Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

San Patricio Co Teachers FCU Chart Busting CD Rates

CD Rates on Fire at F&A Credit Union

XCEL CD Rate Promotions for the Holidays

Black Friday Ten Percent CD Rate Promotion at Service Credit Union

High Yield Ultra Short CD Rate Promotion at Y-12 Credit Union

Best Short Term CD Rate on the West Side of Manhattan

Mills42 Credit Union CD Rate Promotions

Best Credit Union CD Rates in Iowa with UICCU

Small VA Credit Union with Great Short Term CD Rates

Justice FCU 2.00% 27 Month CD Promotion

FSCU, Best CD Rates for those in the Funeral Service

PMCU High Yield CDs for Military Service Members

Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union High Yield CDs in Texas

Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge FCU CD Rate Promotion

TEXAR Federal Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

Community Resource CU Texas CD Rate Promotion

Beacon Credit Union 30 Month CD Special

Grange Credit Union Chart Topping CD Rate Promotion

5% CD at Christian Community Credit Union

HVFCU Two Percent CD Rate Promotion

New Vibrant CD Rate Promotion

5.50% CD Rate Promotion at America’s Christian Credit Union

Bump Up CD Promotion at PSCU

Vantage West CU CD Rate Promotion

3% CD Rate Promotion at Tropical Financial Credit Union

REALTORS® Federal Credit Union Special Certificate Offer

Pioneer Valley Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

Premier Source CU 15 Month CD Rate Promotion

evolve Credit Union Interest Earning Checking Account

Quorum Credit Union 15 Month CD Rate Promotion

Marshall Community CU 55 Month CD Rate Promotion

American Heritage Credit Union 4% CD Rate Promotion

Horizon Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

Scient Federal Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

Achieva Credit Union IRA CD Rate Promotion

Connexus Credit Union 1 Year CD Rate Promo

INOVA Credit Union CD Rate and Checking Promotion

Bay Ridge FCU CD Rate Promotion in NY

University of Iowa Community CU CD Rate Promotion

Black Friday Banking Special at Service CU

Veritas Federal Credit Union CD Rate Promotion

Westmark Credit Union Odd Term CD Promotion

Collins Community CU CD Rate Promotion

High Yield CD Promotion at TEXAR Credit Union

TruMark Financial $100 Checking Account Promotion

Funky 3.00% 15 Month CD at APG Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union Sweepstakes Promotion in September

Columbia Credit Union 2014 Sweepstakes Promotion

Logix Credit Union Sweepstakes Promotion