The Credit and Credit Score Information page provides timely resources to help consumers get their credit report, credit scores and clear up issues involving their credit and debt issues.

Consumers can find free resources on how to obtain a credit report and credit scores. Get helpful tips on improving their credit score, removing derogatory information in a credit report, and rebuilding credit. Information is available on how to add positive credit to a credit report and how to rebuild a credit history and credit score even after a bankruptcy filing.

Learn how to reduce debt and make the most of the monthly payment obligations to save more money. Find information on debt reduction strategies to settle outstanding debts and handle any incoming collection calls and activity from collection agencies.

Find the latest information on the pros and cons of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. Learn about the bankruptcy process and what bankruptcy lawyers can do for consumers burdened with too much debt. Read articles from credit experts on the range of credit scores, the importance of credit ratings, how credit reporting agencies work, handling judgments, dealing with debt collectors and more.

Review a range of do it yourself programs such as how to dispute a credit report, how to repair credit, how to manage credit card debt, how to consolidate debt, how to increase your credit score to get a better interest rate and more. Information is presented in an easy to read and understand fashion making it easier to navigate the credit and credit score landscape. Find additional information on avoiding credit scams and paying for unnecessary credit repair services.
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Judgments are an important facet of credit reports and credit scores.  These public records can often cause the greatest damage or largest single drop in a credit score. A judgment is the legal document stating the f...What is a Judgment on a Credit Report?
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