A bank routing number is a nine digit code assigned to financial institutions in the US banking system to uniquely identify the institution for payment processing. All banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in the US are assigned one or more routing numbers. Routing numbers are also sometimes referred to as routing transit numbers, check routing numbers, or ABA numbers. Some banks may use more than one routing number. The routing number used may differ depending on the type of account or transaction such as for checking accounts and savings accounts, prepaid cards, IRAs, lines of credit, and wire transfers. When making a financial transaction with a routing number, it is important that the account information and routing number is accurate to ensure the transaction is processed correctly.

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CoBiz Bank Routing Number

The CoBiz Bank routing number is 102003206.

The routing number, 102003206, is specific to CoBiz Bank based in Denver, Colorado.  A bank’s routing number, such as the one assigned to CoBiz Bank, is a 9 digit code used to identify the bank for check processing, direct deposit, electronic bill pay, and related financial transactions.  The CoBiz Bank ABA routing number or CoBiz Bank routing and transit number,

Bank customers of CoBiz Bank will need to know the routing number to connect online accounts to their bank account, set up direct deposit with their employer, execute wire transfers, and in a variety of other financial situations.  By using the accurate bank routing number and account number, customers of the bank can engage in a variety of electronic transfers without delay and complications. 

For electronic funds transfers, the routing number identifies the bank where the money is going to and the account number identifies the person the money is going to at that bank.  Unlike a CoBiz Bank account number, the CoBiz Bank routing number is the same for all accounts.  Checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts with CoBiz Bank, for example, will all use the same routing number, 102003206.

The CoBiz Bank routing number can also be found printed on the bottom of checks drawn on the bank.  The first set of numbers (from left to right) at the bottom of a check is the routing number; this is then followed by the person’s account number and finally, the check number.  Sometimes, banks have multiple routing numbers for different branches or uses.  Bank customers need to make sure they are using the correct routing number for their branch.

New and current bank customers should confirm the routing number information with the bank before initiating any transaction.  A CoBiz Bank representative can be reached by calling the CoBiz Bank toll free customer service number at 800-574-4714.

CoBiz Bank is based in Denver, Colorado with branch offices in Boulder, Edwards, Golden, Littleton, and Louisville, CO.  The routing number listed works with accounts held at all 11 branch locations.

The bank and bank routing number information for CoBiz Bank is provided for informational purposes only.  The information is not guaranteed and may have changed since this publication date.