CD rates were off just slightly for the week ending February 17, 2012.  Based on current CD interest rate survey performed by, the average CD rate among the best CD rates available nationally was lower by only 2/1000ths of a percent.  The average CD rate in the survey is established with the CD rate index which records the performance of the top ten highest CD rates for three month CDs, six month CDs, one year CDs, two year CDs and five year CDs.  For the most recent survey results, the CD rate index dipped to 1.063 percent from 1.065 percent in the previous week.

Three month CD rates were unchanged over the course of the week.  The average rate found on the top ten highest three month bank CDs remained at 0.478 percent.  The best three month CD rate was also unchanged at 0.60 percent; this rate is available from Virtual Bank.  While many CD rate shoppers are disappointed with the numbers, compared to Treasury rates and the average national rate these figures are quite impressive.  The national average rate posted by the FDIC for February 13, 2012 which is the most recent FDIC report, is 0.13 percent while the three month Treasury bill rate at the close of business on the 17th was at just 0.09 percent.

Six month CD rates stayed with their three month brethren and were unaltered over the week.  The average rate for the top ten best six month CD rates remained at 0.764 percent.  The highest CD rate with this maturity is at 0.85 percent and is available at AloStar Bank of Commerce, the old Nexity Bank which the FDIC had put out of its misery a few months back.

The one year rates moved out on their own refusing to hold with the three and six month CDs and in doing so gave up some yield.  The average rate for the highest one year CD rates moved lower by less than one basis point, one basis point is equal to 1/100th of a percent.  The rate drop was precisely 4/1000ths of a percent which pushed the average yield down to 1.055 percent from 1.059 percent in the previous week.  The Doral Bank CD with a one year term CD is the leading rate in this category with an interest rate of 1.15 percent.

The two year CD rates built on the downward momentum of the one year CD rates and moved lower just under one basis point.  With an average rate of 1.180 percent, the best one year CD rates this week are 9/1000ths lower than rate found in the prior week survey of 1.189 percent.  The highest two year CD rate has been the product of CIT Bank since the start of 2012.  CIT Bank continues to offer the two year CD with an interest rate 1.26 percent.

Five year certificates barely reflected a change in the average yield this week.  The average rate for the top ten best five year CD rates was down by only 1/1000th of a percent.  The average yield ducked down to 1.836 percent from a rate of 1.837 percent in the week earlier.  The top five year CD rate is the CD at Sate Bank of India which is promoted at 2.02 percent, the only five year CD rate available nationally above 2.00 percent.

To find more information on the highest CD rates by maturity for the February 20, 2012 CD rate survey please see the following CD rate tables at three month CD ratessix month CD ratesone year CD rates, two year CD rates and five year CD rates.

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