Compare the highest CD rates in New Hampshire. Find New Hampshire CD rates from short term rates to long term rates. Search and compare the best CD rates in NH. 6 month New Hampshire CD rates, 1 year New Hampshire CD rates, 2 year New Hampshire CD rates and 5 year CD rates in New Hampshire reviewed.

New Hampshire CD Rates July 2017

New Hampshire savers and investors can find a number of high yield CD accounts right in their own backyard with local operated, FDIC insured banks.  Many local New Hampshire banks are offering flexible CD terms with low minimum deposit requirements that allows account holders to pick a term that works for their savings needs or select several different terms for maximum returns and added diversification.

The regional and community banks in the Granite State also offer homegrown service from fellow Granite State residents.  Bankers and customer service representatives are promptly accessible and know the economy and the communities they operate in.

All NH CD interest rates in the survey are not only available from FDIC insured institutions with retail operations in the state but, all CDs are have interest rates that are fixed and guaranteed for the full term of the deposit.

For short term savings needs, local residents will find a few banks that offer six month certificates with rates in the 0.50% range.  Both, Piscataqua Savings Bank and Salem Co-operative Bank, market six month CD rates at 0.50%.  Pentucket Bank has a slightly better account offer with a six month certificate that earns 0.55% for the account holder.

Bank customers that want to extend the term to maturity can find a one year CD at Optima Bank and Trust that has a 1.51% interest rate.  Haverhill Bank has local promotion that is a fairly distant second place to the top yielding account at Optima.  The Haverhill Bank 15 month CD special offers a return of 1.26%.

Stretching maturities even longer into the two year and three year terms uncovers more than a few high yield opportunities for New Hampshire banking customers.  Haverhill Bank has an odd term, 30 month, CD with an interest rate of 1.76% while a three year certificate from Primary Bank, that newest bank to operate in NH, earns account holders a 2.25% rate of return.

Traditional long term CDs in New Hampshire, five year maturities, can be obtained with rates that are north of 2.00%.  Piscataqua Savings Bank markets a five year certificate at 2.15%.  Pentucket Bank is fractionally higher on the long term account with a five year CD rate of 2.17%.  Salem Co-operative Bank’s five year earns a solid 2.25% as does the five year at Primary Bank.  Primary bank customers can also get a 2.25% rate of return with bank’s four year term CD.  But, Bank of New England is the current market leader with a five year certificate that has a 2.27% rate of return.

All CD rates are current as of July 27, 2017 and are subject to change at any time.  Early withdrawal penalties will apply.  Fees may reduce earnings.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.  Contact the individual banks for more details on account terms and current CD rates in NH.

Opportunities with Top Five Bank CD Rates in NH

Consumers in New Hampshire have a quite a few opportunities for investing and saving with the top five banks based in the Granite State.  NH CD rates with these banks provide a number of scenarios for consumers to save for both, long and short term time horizons.  High yield CD rates can be found on terms of one year or less for those looking to park cash for the short run as well as though running up several years in length for longer term plans and investment diversification.

While the interest rates offered on bank CDs have plummeted over the last several years, certificates of deposit are still coveted by savers in New Hampshire for their fixed rates and guaranteed returns, providing a welcome boost to their savings.

The five largest banks based in NH include; Mascoma Savings Bank, Bank of New Hampshire, Northway Bank, Bank of New England, and Meredith Village Savings Bank.

The range of interest rates available for depositors varies widely among the different maturities offered by the banks in NH as well as, between the different banks.  Since the longer the term certificates generally earn the highest rates of return, rate shoppers in New Hampshire will find the five year CD accounts earn the best yields.

The best five year CD rate can be found at Bank of New England which offers a long term account with a yield of 2.27%.  The next best rate comes from Mascoma Savings Bank where consumers can get a special step up CD with a rate of 1.25%.

Bank of New England dominates in the mid-term, two year CD category with a certificate rate of 1.10%.  Mascoma Savings Bank is runner up in this term as well, with a certificate that earns a 0.50% rate of return.

In the popular, one year term, the beat CD rate in NH is available at Bank of New England with a 0.60% rate.  Following Bank of New England is, once again, Mascoma Savings with an 11 month step up CD special yielding 0.40%.

For short term, six month maturities, the highest rate can obtained at two banks.  Both, Bank of New England and Mascoma Savings Bank, have six month CD rates earning 0.25%.

Bank CD rates in NH listed are current as of May 13, 2017 and are subject to change at any time.  Early with drawl penalties may apply. Additional terms and conditions apply.  Please contact the individual banks for more information.

Mascoma Savings Bank is based in Lebanon, MH.  The bank operates 27 branch locations and one stand-alone loan production office.  Eleven branches of the bank are in Vermont and 16 in New Hampshire.  Mascoma Savings Bank customer service can be reached at 888.627.2662.

Bank of New Hampshire calls Laconia, NH home base and operate nine locations total.  Six branches are in New Hampshire and three in Massachusetts.  Bank of New Hampshire customer service can be reached at 800.721.7445.

Northway Bank is headquartered in Berlin, NH.  The bank has 17 full-service banking offices and loan production offices located in Bedford and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Customer service for Northway Bank can be reached at 800.442.6666.

Bank of New England operates out of Salem, NH and has 24 bank locations throughout the state.  Bank of New England’s customer service number is 800.832.0912.

Meredith Village Savings Bank is based in Meredith, NH with 12 branches located throughout central New Hampshire.  Customer service at MVSB can be reached by calling 800.922.6872.

NH CD Rates at Sugar River Bank

Sugar River Bank is a community based, full service bank headquartered in Newport.  Sugar River Bank offers a number of deposit products including bank CDs and IRA CDs.  Fortunately for CD rate shoppers in NH, the market is better than the rest of the nation.  The banks in the major metropolitan areas of New Hampshire are offering some of the most competitive CD rates available anywhere.  Of course, not all banks offer the best CD rates in NH, but the market average exceeds the national average and Sugar River Bank CD rates in NH are competitive with their peers.

Sugar River Bank CD accounts are available with terms or maturities that range from six months to five years.  The bank CDs have competitive rates and require a low minimum balance to open and maintain the account.  Sugar River also offers a wide variety of individual retirement account CDs.  The terms on the NH IRA CDs promoted by Sugar River Bank range from one year up to five years.

In addition to the traditional CD products, Sugar River Bank markets a special bump up CD.  The bank refers to the CD as a premium CD.  The CD has a two year term that has a fixed interest rate for the first year.  After the first year, the rate may increase if the current two year CD rate is higher than the original CD rate at the end of the first year.  If the rate is higher, the rate on the premium CD will automatically adjust to the current higher rate.  If the interest rate on the current CD is lower at the end of the first year, the initial CD interest rate will remain in effect.  This account requires the account holder to maintain a premium checking account with the bank.

Current NH CD rates offered by Sugar River Bank include the following terms and rates:

A six month CD rate in NH is at 0.41 percent.
One year CD rates are 0.57 percent.
Two year CDs have an interest rate of 0.95 percent.
Three year CD rate is 1.32 percent.
Four year term CDs have a rate of 1.34 percent.
The longest term, five year CD rate is 2.03 percent.

The minimum deposit amount for these bank CDs is $500.00.  All NH CD rates listed are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at any time.  CD rates may be frequently updated.  A penalty for early withdrawal on the listed certificates of deposit may be imposed by the bank.  Additional conditions may apply to open the bank CDs and receive the listed interest rate. 

While some readers may not be terribly impresses with the CD rates in NH, a quick comparison to the national average posted by the FDIC will show just how favorable they are.  The FDIC January 23, 2012 release indicates the national average 6 month CD rate is 0.021 percent, the one year CD rate is 0.33 percent, the two year CD rate is 0.53 percent and the five year CD rate is a meager 1.20 percent.  The CD interest rates listed are the average of rates paid by U.S. depository institutions as calculated by the FDIC.

For the latest information on current NH CD rates offered by Sugar River Bank, or to answer any questions about the bank’s products and services, a Sugar River Bank representative can be reached at 800-562-3145.  The bank website can be located at

To see a list of the best CD rates available nationally by maturity please see: 3 month CD rates, 6 month CD rates, 1 year CD rates, 2 year CD rates, 5 year CD rates.

CD Rates in NH with Optima Bank & Trust

Optima Bank & Trust Company is a state chartered community bank in New Hampshire that offers a variety of financial services including competitive CD rates in New Hampshire.  Optima Bank & Trust is a commercial bank that is locally owned and managed.  The bank opened for business in January 2008 and is based in the Portsmouth, NH Seacoast area.

Optima Bank & Trust offers both personal and commercial banking services.  Optima Bank & Trust offers a wide range of deposit accounts and lending products for consumers along the Seacoast.  The bank does not suffer from poor performing legacy loans found at many large banks and therefore provides a safe and sound place for customers’ deposits and the bank is actively lending money to area businesses and homeowners.

Savings and deposits products promoted by Optima Bank & Trust include: personal money market accounts, checking and savings accounts interest bearing checking accounts, certificates of deposit, Individual Retirement Accounts as well as fiduciary escrow accounts.

Optima Bank & Trust also offers a complete range of online banking services.  Online banking offers secure access to account information, online bill payment, email statements and interactive data transfers to Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Microsoft® Money products.  Additional convenient account access features include telephone banking and ATM access also provides easy access to account funds and information.

Optima Bank & Trust CDs and CD rates in New Hampshire can be obtained with a minimum deposit to open of $1,000.00.  The bank CD interest earned is compounded daily and credited monthly.  Interest payment methods for the NH bank CDs includes adding the interest to the CD account balance, depositing the accrued interest to a checking or savings account by ACH transfer or check.

Current NH CD rates and terms offered by Optima Bank & Trust include:

7-89 day bank CD with an interest rate of 0.50%
90 day CD rate of 0.75%
6 month NH CD rate of 1.00%
1 year CD rate in NH of 1.25%
18 month CD interest rate 1.50%
2 year bank CD rate 2.00%
3 year NH CD interest rate 2.10%
4 year CD rate is 2.50%

CD rates in New Hampshire offered by Optima Bank & Trust are subject to changes and bank approval.  Additional conditions may apply to open these bank accounts.  There may be a penalty for early withdrawal.  Optima Bank & Trust has custom CD terms available.

For current CD rates and account information a bank representative can nbe contacted directly at 603-433-9600.