Compare the highest CD rates in Minnesota. Find Connecticut CD rates from short term rates to long term rates. Search and compare the best CD rates in MN. 6 month Minnesota CD rates, 1 year Minnesota CD rates, 2 year Minnesota CD rates and 5 year CD rates in Minnesota reviewed.

Eastwood Bank Minnesota CD Rates

The top rates on bank CDs in Minnesota has mimicked the national averages through the start of the year with low yields remaining relatively constant.  For consumers in Minnesota that are interested in seeing stronger returns on their money over what can be obtained with the average rates of return that are available in the North Star state can consider the bank CDs at Eastwood Bank. 

Eastwood Bank offers a variety of CDs to help investors and savers in Minnesota meet their investment goals.  The bank CDs offered by Eastwood Bank have term ranging from 1 month to 6 years.  The CD interest earned on these accounts can be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually depending on term and amount deposited.  The minimum deposit needed to open one of the standard CD accounts is $500.00.

Eastwood Bank Minnesota CD rates can be earned on a variety of different certificates including standard CDs with varying terms and interest rates as well as special bank CDs that have odd terms and above average rates of return.

Current special term and rate CDs in Minnesota offered by Eastwood Bank include:

A 13 month CD that has an interest rate of 0.55%.
A special term 29 month CD interest rate of 0.82%.
A 47 month bank CD that has a yield up at 1.24%.

The special term and rate CDs require a minimum deposit amount of $5,000.00.

Standard term CDs in Minnesota available at Eastwood Bank are currently not providing the outsized returns available on the special term CDs but still remain above the national average rates of similar terms.  Current standard term CD rates at the bank for deposits of $500.00 include:

The 6 month to 11 month CD interest rate is 0.26%.
The one year to 23 month term CD rate is 0.30%.
A 24 month term up to 35 month term earns a rate of 0.47%.
The 36 month to 47 month CD rate is 0.65%.
A 48 month CD term to 59 month term has an interest rate of 0.89%.
The five year to six year CD rate is 1.20%.

Higher deposit amounts earn higher interest rates on the standard bank CDs.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal and may reduce earnings on all CD accounts.  The CD rates listed are current as of February 12, 2013 and may have changed since that time.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.

The bank and bank CD rate information is believed to be reliable, but the information is not guaranteed.  The CD interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this publication date.  Contact the bank directly for the most up to date and accurate information on bank rates and CD account programs.

Eastwood Bank is based in Rochester, MN.  The bank operates 12 branch locations throughout Southeast Minnesota.  The bank is locally and owned operated bank that ranks as one of the top 20 largest banks based in Minnesota.

Eastwood Bank customer service can be reached by calling the bank directly at (888) 810-0659.

A list of bank branches with the phone numbers and hours of operation can be found at Eastwood Bank locations.

Minnesota CD Rates with Bridgewater Bank

Bridgewater Bank is a full service bank that offers business and consumer banking services in Minnesota.  Bridgewater Bank focus is geared towards real estate and small business entrepreneurs of the Twin Cities.  Among the many deposit products and services offered by Bridgewater Bank are an array of certificates of deposit. 

While CD rates in Minnesota as well as across the nation remain low, a certificate of deposit program still provides a safe and competitive rate of return on your investment.  Certificates of deposit can also serve as an ideal option for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plan.

Bridgewater Bank offers terms on MN CDs ranging from three months to five years.  The bank CDs offered by Bridgewater Bank are FDIC insured up to the maximum allowable per account holder and require a minimum balance of $10,000.00.  Bridgewater Bank provides CDs for short term and long term investment choices.  Along with a variety of CD term and CD interest rates in MN, the bank also offers different interest payment methods for account holders.

Current Minnesota CD rates and terms offered by Bridgewater Bank include the following:

3 month CD rate in MN is 0.10%
6 month CD rate 0.20%
9 month CD interest rate 0.40%
12 month rate 0.55%
15 month MN CD rate 0.65%
18 month CD rate 0.80%
24 month CD interest rate 0.90%
36 month MN CD rate 1.10%
48 month rate 1.35%
60 month CD rate 1.60%

All CD rates in MN are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at any time. Bank fees may reduce the earnings on a CD account.  Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed by Bridgewater Bank for the withdrawal of any or all of the principal balance in a CD account. 

Bridgewater Bank also provides a variety of other savings products including savings accounts, money market accounts and interest earning checking accounts.  For more information regarding this bank’s CD rates or savings accounts contact a Bridgewater Bank customer service representative can be reached at 952.893.6868.  Bridgewater Bank is based in Bloomington, Minnesota and operates a second branch office in Greenwood, MN. 

To compare the MN CD rates you can get at Bridgewater Bank with other CD rates review MN CD rates.  To find other banks based in Minnesota to compare bank rates, bank products and services see the bank directory.

CD Rates MN with Bremer Bank

Bremer Bank is a Minnesota based bank with more than 100 bank branch locations in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Bremer Bank offers a wide range of bank products and services including lending products such as mortgage loans and credit cards as well as deposit products such as checking accounts and certificates of deposit with competitive CD rates in MN.

Bremer Bank savings options includes interest bearing checking accounts, savings accounts, a choice of money market accounts and bank CDs. The Bremer Bank certificates of deposit can be great way to save money for either short term needs or long term investment plans. The bank CDs can be used to save for a specific date in the future such as an education costs or a down payment for a home or simply as part of a diversified investment plan.

Bremer Bank CDs in MN provides a competitive CD interest rate as well as a safe and secure investment vehicle since all accounts are FDIC insured. Investments in the bank CDs allow the account holders to invest for a specific period of time with a guaranteed fixed interest rate during the holding period.

Bremer Bank CDs can also be opened as an IRA account. The bank IRA CDs can be opened with a variety of rates and terms.

The bank CD rates are based on the CD deposit amount with three different tiers starting with deposits of $500.00 and then increasing with deposits of $10,000.00 and one more rate increase for deposits over $25,000.00. Current CD rates in MN and term offered by Bremer Bank for deposit of $10,000.00 include:

3 month CD interest rate is 0.20%
6 month CD rate is 0.25%
1 year CD rate is 0.45%
2 year MN CD rate is 1.05%
3 year CD rate is 1.35%
4 year bank CD rate is 1.65%
5 year CD rate in MN is 2.00%

CD interest rates and CD rates in Minnesota offered by Bremer Bank are current as of this publication date but are subject to change by the bank at anytime. Penalties for early withdrawal may apply. For current Minnesota CD rates or bank IRA CD rates and additional account information, a bank representative can be reached at 800-908-2265.

For more information on the best CD rates in Minnesota see CD rates MN.

CD Rates MN with Winthrop State Bank

Winthrop State Bank is a Minnesota based bank headquartered in Winthrop, MN.  The bank was founded in 1903 and offers personal and commercial banking services in the region.

Winthrop State Bank offers a variety of deposit and lending products to meet a range of needs.  Deposit and lending products are available for personal, business, and other organizations.

Along with bank CDs with competitive CD rates in MN, Winthrop State Bank deposit products include regular checking accounts, NOW checking accounts, money market accounts, passbook savings account and bank IRA Accounts.

The bank’s CDs and other savings options can work as safe and secure investment choices for retirement or short term savings goal or to simply provide a high rate of return to temporarily hold funds.

Current CD rates in MN offered by Winthrop State Bank include the following:

91 day CD rate 0.76%
182 day bank CD rate in MN 1.02%
1 year CD rate 1.75%
2 year CD rate in MN is 2.00%
3 year CD interest rate is 2.25%

CD interest earned is compounded at maturity on the 91 & 182 day bank CD’s.  Interest is compounded annually on the 1, 2, & 3 year bank CD’s.  Winthrop State Bank CDs are subject to early withdrawal penalties.

Bank CD rates are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at anytime.  MN CD rates presented by Winthrop State Bank are subject to bank approval and additional conditions may apply.

For current CD rates in MN offered by Winthrop State Bank as well as information regarding these bank accounts, a bank representative can be reached directly at 507-647-5371.

Additional accounts and interest rates offered by Winthrop State Bank includes a traditional bank IRA CD with a 12 month term that has a rate of 2.02% and a money market account that has an interest rate of 0.50% as well as a passbook savings that yields  0.50%.

Please note, these rates are no longer available.  Winthrop State Bank is now part of Perennial Bank.  More information about the bank and the bank rates in Minnesota can be obtained by calling Perennial Bank at 320-693-2826 or visiting the institution’s web site at