Compare the highest CD rates in Connecticut. Find Connecticut CD rates from short term rates to long term rates. Search and compare the best CD rates in CT. 6 month Connecticut CD rates, 1 year Connecticut CD rates, 2 year Connecticut CD rates and 5 year CD rates in Connecticut reviewed.

CT CD Rates at New England Bank

New England Bank serves the North and Central Region of Connecticut and is currently promoting some very competitive CD rates in Connecticut.   New England Bank offers a wide range of certificate of deposit products as well a variety of other retail demand deposit accounts and savings accounts through 15 bank branch locations in Connecticut from Bristol to Windsor Locks, CT.
New England Bank advertises regular CD rates and bonus rates for CD account holder that also maintain a checking account with the bank.  New England Bank CD terms are available with maturities that range from 3 months to 60 months.  There is a minimum $1,000.00 deposit required to open one of the bank CDs with the exception of the bank CDs with a 31 day term or less in which the minimum deposit is $2,500.00.  Interest on the CT CDs marketed by New England Bank is compounded daily and paid monthly.

The accrued interest earned on the CDs can be posted to the bank CD account which earns compound interest, the CD interest earned can also be sent in a monthly check to the account holder or transferred to another bank account at New England Bank.

New England Bank CD terms and CD rates in CT offered by the bank include the following:

7-31 day CD rate is at 0.65% for those customers that also have a checking account or 0.40% for those who do not.
The 3 month CD rate, 6 month CD rate and 9 month CD rate are also at.65% with a checking account and 0.40% without.
The 1 year bank CD rate is 0.80% with checking and 0.55% without.
At 18 months the CT CD rate jumps to 1.00% with checking and 0.75% without the checking account.
The 2 year CD rate in CT with checking is at 1.25% and 1.00% without.
A 3 year CD has rate of 1.50% with checking and 1.25% without.
The 4 year CD interest rate is 1.65% and 1.40% with and without checking.
A 5 year CD holder will receive a rate of 2.00% with the New England Bank checking and 1.75% without.

The CT CD rates listed are current as of this publication date but may change at any time.  The rates / Annual Percentage Yield (APY) listed assume the interest earned remains on deposit until maturity.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

New England Bank offers other interest bearing savings products in CT including Individual Retirement accounts, Health Savings accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, interest earning checking accounts and Christmas Club accounts.

For additional information on New England Bank accounts and current CD rates in CT, bank customer service representatives can be reached at 866-540-3696.

Connecticut CD Rates at Start Community Bank

Start Community Bank is a community development bank based in New Haven, CT that offers a number of consumer savings products with competitive interest rates.  Start Community Bank offers a range of deposit and loan products from checking accounts and bank CDs to personal loans and mortgage loans for residents in CT. 

Start Community Bank offers a wide range of bank CDs with varying CD rates in CT.  The bank certificates of deposit pay a fixed interest rate.  The CD interest rates will remain unaltered for the term of the CD.   The bank calculates the CD interest daily.  For bank CDs with terms of 28 days or more the banks compounds interest monthly.  There is a penalty for early withdrawal for account holders that withdraw their funds before the maturity date of the CD. 

Start Community Bank CDs are also available for IRA deposits.  For bank CD maturities that are 91 days or longer, the minimum opening deposit requirement is $500.00.

Current CD rates in CT offered by Start Community Bank include the following interest rates and terms:

3 month CT CD rate is 0.30%
6 month CD interest is 0.60%
1 year CD rate is 1.00%
18 month CD rate from Start is also at 1.00%
2 year CT CD rate is at 1.05%
3 year bank CD rate is 1.46%
4 year CD interest rate is 1.66%
5 year CD rate is 1.97%

Start Community Bank offers rate improvements for CD account holders that also have either a Great Start Checking or Senior Checking account.  The interest rate increases on the CT bank CDs offered by Start Community with the qualifying checking account is either 10 or 11 basis points.  One basis point is equal to 1/100th of a percent.  For the 3 month CD the interest rate is elevated to 0.40% from 0.30% while the 1 year CD rate increases from 1.00% to 1.11%.

The CT CD rates listed are current as of October 7th, 2011.  All bank rates are subject to change at any time and additional conditions may apply.  The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) listed assumes the original bank CD deposit and all accumulated interest remain on account for a one year period.

While the big banks are constantly receiving bad press over their services and costs, community banks like Start Community Bank continue to work on traditional bank products and good old fashioned services to support the community and their customers. 

To contact Start Community Bank regarding current CD rates in CT or additional account information, the bank customer service number is 1-877-687-1133.

CD Rates in CT with First County Bank

To find the best CD rates in Connecticut, investors need to compare the best national rates with local bank rates. Rates on CD products can vary widely between banks. By checking both national CD rates and local CT bank CD rates, investors and savers can be assured they are reviewing a wide selection of CD rates available in Connecticut.

First County Bank in Connecticut promotes some very competitive CD rates and IRA CD rates. First County Bank is based in Stamford, Connecticut and has 14 bank branches in the surrounding area.

First County Bank is a full service bank that is the tenth largest bank in Connecticut measured by total assets. First County Bank offers its customers in the region deposit products, mortgage, trust and estate planning, business banking services, online banking and more.

The bank offers standard certificates of deposit with terms ranging between 60 days to 5 years. The minimum deposit needed to open the standard certificate of deposit is $1,000. The bank also offers IRA certificates of deposit with similar maturities.

All of the bank certificates are fully insured up to the FDIC limit of $250,000.00. FDIC insurance provides safety and security from erosion of invested capital in the bank certificates.

Current CD rates and term offered by First County Bank include:

60 day First County Bank CD rate is .50%
91 day CD rate in CT is also at .50%
6 month CD rate is .65%
1 year CD interest rate 1.15%
18 month bump up CD rate is 1.25%
2 year CD rate is 1.75%
3 year bank CD rate 2.00%
4 year CD interest rate 2.50%
5 year bank rate is 2.75%

CD rates in CT offered by First County Bank are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at any time. All bank CDs require bank approval and additional conditions may apply.

Along with bank CDs, First County Bank saving options include savings and money market accounts and a choice of retirement services.

For current CD rates or more account information, a First County Bank representative can be reached at 203-462-4400

CD Rates in CT with The First Bank of Greenwich

The First Bank of Greenwich bank is a full service bank that offers competitive CD rates in CT along with a variety of other banking products and services.  The First Bank of Greenwich is a state-chartered commercial bank, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The bank is a full service commercial bank that serves individuals and businesses throughout the Greenwich and Stamford areas of Connecticut.

The First Bank of Greenwich offers a wide range of checking and savings accounts along with money market accounts, certificates of deposit and bank IRA CDs.  The bank offers online banking for 24/7 information on accounts that keeps the account holder in control of their money conveniently and easily.

The bank CDs in CT require a $1,000 minimum to open and obtained the stated the yields.  The bank CDs automatically renew at maturity with a ten (10) day grace period after maturity of the CD for deposits and account withdrawals.  Bank CDs in CT have terms ranging from 30 days to 5 years.

Current CD rates in CT and terms offered by The First Bank of Greenwich include the following:

3 month CT CD rate of 0.75%
6 month CD rate is 1.00%
9 month CD rate in CT 1.25% 
One year CD rate is 1.50% 
18 month CD rate in Connecticut is 1.75% 
2 year CD interest rate 1.75% 
3 year bank CD rate 2.25% 
4 year CT CD rate is 2.50% 
5 year CD rate 2.75% 

Bank rates and CD rates are current as of this publication date but are not guaranteed.  Bank CD rates in CT are subject to change at the bank’s discretion and additional conditions to open the accounts may apply.

Additional bank CD terms and rates are available.  For current CD rates in Connecticut offered by The First Bank of Greenwich a bank representative can be reached at (203) 629-8400.