CD interest rates retreated slightly to end the last week of November.  The average CD rate coming from the top ten highest rates available across a broad spectrum of maturities dipped by just 2/1000ths of a percent over the course of the week.  The average CD rate in the index, which measures the best three month CD rates, six month CD rates, one year, two year and five year CD rates, dropped down to 1.046 percent from 1.48 percent in the previous week or just 2/1000ths of a percent. 

The CD rate index has held within a very narrow range throughout the month of November.  The tight CD rate range is not surprising considering the low levels that short term interest rates have been held at for most of the second half of 2012.  CD rates are not the only rates holding low with little variation, short term Treasury rates have also shown very little change in November and the yields on Treasuries are measurably below that of comparable term CD rates.  The one year Treasury rate ended November at 0.18 percent and reached a high of 0.20 percent and a low of 0.16 percent during the month.  The one year Treasury rate is now running 90 basis points, almost one percent lower than the best one year CD rates.

Two of the five CD terms measured in the index showed no change over the week while one term displayed higher average rates and two terms were lower.  The three month CD rates and six month CD rates held steady with average rates of 0.478 percent and 0.775 percent, respectively.  The best one year CD rates sank a tad lower, 2/1000ths of a percent, slipping to 1.066 percent from1.068 percent in the previous week.  Two year CD rates were boosted by a very, very small sum or just 1/1000ths of a percent.  The average rate on the top two year CDs climbed to 1.203 percent from1.202 percent in the week earlier.  Five year CD rates were pushed down by the greatest magnitude in the current survey, falling almost one basis point.  The average rate on the top ten highest five year bank CDs dove slumped to 1.706 percent from 1.715 percent in the preceding week.

E-Loan CD rates lead in the three month maturities with a yield of 0.65 percent.  Doral Bank Direct CD rates lead in the six month and nine month terms with the Doral six month CD rate at 0.91 percent and the nine month CD rate at 0.96 percent.  ableBanking leads the one year CD rates at 1.12 percent.  The SalemFiveDirect CD with an 18 month maturity is the top rate in this term with an interest rate of 1.15 percent.  NexBank of Texas has the best two year CD rate at 1.30 percent.  The State Bank of India three year CD that yields 1.41 percent is the highest three year rate available nationally.  Nationwide Bank CD rates are out on top for the four year and five year maturities.  The Nationwide Bank four year CD rate of 1.56 percent leads that group and the Nationwide Bank five year yield of 1.80 percent shares the best five year yields with the CD offered by CIT Bank CD which also yields 1.80 percent.

To find more information on the highest CD rates by maturity for the November 30, 2012 CD rate survey please see the following CD rate tables: three month CD ratessix month CD ratesnine month CD rates, one year CD rates, two year CD rates, three year CD rates, four year CD rates and five year CD rates.

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