The top CD interest rates available nationally barely budged over the past week.  The highest CD rates moved lower on the week but by the smallest of increments and remain in a very tight range.  The index of the top ten CD rates for three month CDs, six month CDs, one year CDs, two year CDs and five year CDs was lower by a meager 1/1000ths of a percent for the week.  The CD rate index dipped to 1.355 percent on Friday July 15, 2011 from 1.356 percent in the previous week.

While the overall national CD rate average for the best CD rates was mostly unchanged, the banks that are offering the highest CD rates in each CD term category did move about over that past week.

The best three month CD rate was a laggard regarding rate activity and continued to be offered by the same bank this week.  AloStar Bank of Commerce or the old Nexity Bank which the bank was known as prior to the FDIC seizure still leads in the three month CD rate category.  AloStar Bank of Commerce promotes a three month CD that has an interest rate of 0.81 percent, unchanged from the previous week.

The highest six month CD rate moved up this past week.  AloStar Bank of Commerce held the best bank rate in this category in the preceding week at 1.12 percent but has now been upstaged by Bank of Internet.  AloStar continues to promote a six month CD rate at 1.12 percent however; Bank of Internet has increased their six month CD rate to 1.15 percent to position itself as the top CD interest rate in this maturity.

The top one year CD rate was also shuffled up this week.  Last week, MetLife Bank had the highest one year CD rate at 1.30 percent but has no been demoted to the second best rate after Bank of Internet increased their one year CD rate.  The Bank of Internet category leading one year CD interest rate is at 1.33 percent followed by MetLife Bank at 1.30 percent.

In the two year CD term category, MetLife continues to have the best rate.  MetLife has maintained the best two year CD rate promotion for a few weeks with a yield on their two year term certificate at 1.55 percent.  The best two term CD is followed by two banks that offer a two year CD five basis points lower at 1.50 percent, Hudson City Bank and Bank of Internet.

The five year CD rate is the one maturity that saw a decrease in the top rate available nationally.  Prior to the most recent bank CD rate survey, EverBank offered the highest five year CD with an interest rate of 2.54 percent.  EverBank has since reduced that rate which has pushed Hudson City Bank to the top of the class. Hudson City Bank markets a five year CD with an interest rate of 2.50 percent which is followed by the CD rates of NOVA Bank and Bank of Internet.

To compare the best CD rates nationally by maturity including the best three month CD rates, six month CD rates, one year CD rates, two year CD rates and five year CD rates refer to the following CD interest rate tables: 3 month CD rates, 6 month CD rates, 1 year CD rates, 2 year CD rates or 5 year CD rates.

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