Best Interest Checking Account Rates
Find the Best Interest Checking Accounts Available. Compare Checking Account Interest Rates. See Bank Checking Accounts with High Interest Rates. Review Personal Checking Account Rates and Online Checking Accouint Rates. See All of the Highest Yielding Checking Accounts. Checking Account Rates Updated October 26, 2015.
Best Interest Checking Account Rates
Bank Checking Account Rate Min $ Open Monthly Fees
Free Checking Account
0.79% $100.00 None
Bank5 Connect
Checking Account
0.76% $100.00 None
Bank of Internet
Platinum Checking Account
0.71% $5,000.00 None
FNBO Direct
Online Checking
0.65% $1.00 None
Interest Checking Account
0.59% $1,000.00 None
First Internet Bank
High Yield Checking
0.55% $500.00 $10.00 Monthly
Mutual of Omaha Bank
Online Advantage Checking
0.50% $1,500.00 None
AloStar Bank
Interest Earning Checking Account
0.40% $500.00 None
EverBank Checking Account
Yield Pledge Checking Account
0.30% $1,500.00 None
Salem Five Direct
eOne Checking Account
0.25% $100.00 None
Union Bank of California is running advertisements promoting their one year CD and money market account.  The one year CD has an interest rate of 3.15% APY and the money market account earns an interest rate of 2.52% APY. The consumer bank CD requires a linked checking account to qualify for promotional rate.  If linked
Community Capital Bank provides consumer and business banking services in Georgia.  The bank was established on August 5, 2002.  Community Capital Bank has been FDIC insured since August 5, 2002.  Community Capital Bank is chartered as a Federal Reserve Non-member.  Therefore the primary regulator is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  The bank has approximately
There is no right answer to this question. Generally, a CD will pay a higher interest rate than a savings account. CDs have penalties for early withdrawal, which restricts access to your money. A high yield savings account will limit the amount of withdrawals that can be made each month; however, any