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Bank customers can usually find a check number printed in two different locations on a personal check.  The first location for a check number can be found in the upper right hand corner of the check.  This is the most ...Locating the Check Number on a Check
Social Security has made the transition to direct deposit and electronic banking to save money.  Direct deposit is a service that many employers and financial institutions use to deposit money directly into the bank acc...Direct Deposit and Social Security Payments
Closing a checking account under normal circumstances will not affect an individual’s credit.  Closing an account can affect an individual’s credit if the account that is closed has a negative balance or charges owe...Closing a Checking Account and Your Credit
The right of offset is a procedure or policy that allows a creditor to use money that it owes to a debtor to pay a past due obligations of that debtor.  The most common application for the right of offset in the banking...The Right of Offset with Bank Accounts
Deciding who is responsible for a bank error can be a very thorny issue for both the banking customer and the bank.  With the wide-ranging manner in which financial transfers and transactions can take place in the U.S. ...Who is Responsible for Mistakes Made by Banks
A check card is a payment card that is tied to a bank checking account.  Check cards are issued by banks and credit unions that work like a checking account and a debit card.  Payments made with a check card are deduct...What is a Check Card
Banks in the U.S. are required by federal law to complete forms for large deposits and/or suspicious deposits and transactions as a way to help the government uncover possible money laundering.  The Bank Secrecy Act of ...Large Bank Deposits Reported to the IRS
A bank levy is court ordered or government agency authorized order that allows a creditor to have the assets in a bank account frozen and then turned over to that creditor.  A bank levy occurs after the creditor has obt...What is Bank Levy
A bank account hold is an action performed by a bank that prohibits a bank customer from getting access to some or all of the funds held in their account.   There can be a number of reasons or causes for an account hol...Hold on Bank Account
Consumers that are requested to make payments with a secure negotiable instrument may be asked to pay with a money order or a cashier check.  Both, money orders and cashier’s checks are considered safe forms of paymen...Money Order vs Cashiers Check
A deposit in transit is a deposit made to a bank account that has not yet been recorded by the bank.  A deposit in transit may include a deposit of checks, cash or electronic transfers.  Examples of a deposit in transi...Deposit in Transit
Obtaining a cashier’s check is relatively easy process that can be accomplished at almost any full service bank.  Most banks issue cashier’s checks to their customers while some banks will issue cashier checks to no...How to Get a Cashiers Checks
A bank check is the shortened term for, official bank check.  An official bank check is a check drawn on the bank's own account and paid for by the bank customer.  A bank check is also frequently referred to as a cashi...What is a Bank Check
Remote deposit is a means of depositing checks into a bank account by converting paper checks to electronic files and sending the electronic file to the bank.  Remote deposit enables the account holder to scan and depos...What is Remote Deposit
Knowing which number on a check is the routing number can be important to bank customers for a variety of reasons.  Whether you need to reorder checks online, conduct a wire transfer, set up a direct deposit, or any num...Which Number on a Check is the Routing Number
A wire routing number is a specific routing number used by a bank to complete wire transfers.  Routing numbers are assigned to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions by the American Bankers Association (A...What is a Wire Routing Number
Understanding where the account number on a check can be found and how these checking account numbers are used for financial transactions is an important step in good financial management.  In order for any check or ele...Account Numbers on Checks
The series of number and symbols printed along the bottom of all checks in the U.S. is referred to as the MICR line.  MICR is an acronym used to abbreviate the term, magnetic ink character recognition.  The MICR line o...MICR Line on a Check
An online bank is a bank in which the bank customers perform transactions primarily through the Internet. Online banks may require the use of Internet for banking purposes exclusively or as a service in addition to thei...What is an Online Bank?
Banks can a place a freeze on a bank account after they receive a garnishment order or account levy. The garnishment order or levy can come from a court order or government institution such as the IRS. A bank freeze will...A Freeze on a Checking Account
A bank routing number may be as imoprtant in banking for a cosnumer as their checking account number is. However, most consumers and bank customers have very little knowledge about what a bank routing number is. A ba...What is a Bank Routing Number
A bank routing number is used by the bank to identify where funds are being sent to or the origin of where the funds have come from. Each banking institution in the U.S. is assigned a unique nine digit routing number. ...How to Find a Bank Routing Number