A high yield certificate of deposit account should be just one segment of an overall financial portfolio.  However, selecting the right bank CD should not be looked at with little regard for risk and reward. 

Bank certificates of deposit always provide safety and security as well as a predictable rate of return.  When the stock market experiences turbulence, especially down side turbulence, bank CDs become more attractive investments.  Unfortunately, too many investors don’t do enough research regarding prevailing rates and market conditions.

One key tip for investors that are shopping and comparing the best CD interest rates is to look at the regional and community bank CD rate offers. 

The ubiquitous lists of national CD rates found in newspapers and online are a good starting point to compare the average CD rate as well as to keep tabs on the general direction of bank CD rates.  However, some of the best CD rates are found with community and regional banks especially with short term promotional offers.

In tough economic conditions, banks are often competing aggressively to get their hands on more depositor’s money to strengthen their assets and increase their customer base.  The need to be aggressive is particularly prevalent among small to mid size banks. 

Nearly every financial institution will offer bank specials include CD rate promotions.  The promotional CD rate offers are generally much more attractive within local state and regional banks as opposed to with the big national banks. 

Before investing any money into a bank CD or rolling over an existing bank CD,  the first step is to make sure that that there isn’t a much better offer in a bank that has the same term.  This requires a quick but thorough investigation of the best CD rates available by the big banks as well as within your region.

View the enclosed bank CD rate lists that includes the highest nationwide yields on 6 month bank CDs, 1 year bank CDs, 2 year bank CDs and 5 year bank CDs available as well as the highest CD rates among the top states.

Investors willing to shop among state and regional bank FDIC insured certificates of deposit will earn yields that far outpace the national average.

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