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ING CD Rates June 2011

ING CD rates for June are outperforming the national averages for short term CDs but fall behind on the extended term bank CDs. ING CD rates with a 6 month terms are 50 basis points or ½ of a percent above the national average rate. The ING one year CD rate is 30 basis points or 30/100’s of a percent above the national rate. The ING two year CD rate is just under 30 basis points higher and the 5 year CD rate at ING Bank falls seven basis points below the national average rate.

ING Bank is the 20th largest bank in the Unites States based on asset size. ING Bank uses the operating name of ING DIRECT to identify the delivery of their online accounts. ING Bank refers to the accounts delivered through ING DIRECT as the orange accounts, the bank CDs are referred to as the Orange CDs.

ING Bank is based in Wilmington, Delaware. The bank delivers all of its consumer deposit accounts online, over the phone and by mail. As an FDIC insured bank all of the CD deposits are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.00 per depositor.

ING Bank CD account holders can choose terms between 6 and 60 months. Interest on the bank CDs or Orange CDs accrue daily and compounded monthly. CD interest earned can be sent to the account holder on a monthly or yearly basis. The accrued interest on the CD accounts can remain in the account or can be sent to an ING account or an external linked checking account.

Current ING CD terms and CD interest rates include the following:

ING 6 month CD rate is 0.75%
9 month CD rate 0.75%
12 month CD interest rate 0.75%
18 month bank CD rate 0.75%
24 month CD rate 1.00%
30 month CD interest rate 1.25%
36 month bank CD rate is1.25%
48 month CD rate 1.25%
60 month CD rate 1.50%

CD interest rates are subject to change at any time prior to opening the accounts otherwise the accounts are fixed term and fixed rate certificates. There may be a fee or penalty for early withdrawal of any or the entire principal from an ING CD. On the ING CDs with a term of 12 months or less, the penalty is three months of interest. On the ING CDs with a term greater than 12 months, the penalty is six months of interest.

New ING Bank customers interested in the bank CDs can call customer service for additional information at 1-800-464-3473, 7 days a week from 8 AM – 8 PM.

ING CD Rates May 24, 2010

ING Direct offers consumers a wide choice of bank CDs with many different terms to choose from. ING Orange CD rates for consumers have held steady over the past few weeks and remain unchanged since the last time reviewed ING CD rates.

The bank CD terms offered by ING Direct are easily managed using their online facilities. The wide variety of CD terms available combined with the ease of online management make these bank CDs a great option for CD ladders for those investors that take a more active approach to CD investing.

Deposits in ING Direct are FDIC insured and the certificates of deposit can be obtained through INGs online banking. The interest earned on all ING Bank CDs can be held in the accounts for compound earnings or paid monthly and deposited in a checking or savings account at any bank.

When reviewing the ING CD rates it is helpful to review the amount of funds to be invested and the term to be considered. Before making a CD selection, compare the ING CD rates to the best national CD rates available to obtain the overall best CD rate. As with most CD interest rates in a standard economic cycle, the longer term bank CD accounts typically have a higher yield.

ING Direct is a member of the ING Group which is diverse financial institution based in the Netherlands. ING Direct is one of the largest online banks in the U.S.

ING Direct offers personal savings account options, personal checking account options and certificates of deposit. The bank also offers business savings accounts and certificate deposits through ING Direct. Investors can also open an IRA investment account and use the accounts as bank IRA CDs.

Current ING CD rates and terms available include:

6 month ING CD interest rate is 0.75%
9 month ING CD interest rate is 0.75%
1 year CD rate is at 1.00%
18 month CD rate is also at1.00%
2 year bank rate is 1.10%
30 month ING Direct CD rate is also at 1.10%
3 year bank CD rate is 1.25%
4 year bank CD interest rate 1.25%
And the 5 year ING Bank CD rate is 1.25%

The CD rates listed are current as of this publication date but are subject to change at the bank’s discretion. Additional conditions to open the bank CD accounts may apply. To obtain more current ING CD rates or to acquire additional bank account information from ING Bank, a bank customer service representative can be reached at 1-800-464-3473.

ING CD Rates May 5, 2010

ING Bank or ING DIRECT is a federally chartered bank insured by the FDIC that offers a number of savings choices including bank CDs with competitive CD rates.  ING CD rates can be obtained on terms ranging between 6 months and 60 months.

The ING DIRECT CDs or Orange CDs as the bank refers to them accrue interest daily and have the interest earned compounded monthly.  The CD interest earned on the ING CDs can be paid at the end of the certificate term or paid out monthly or annually.

ING DIRECT is an online bank that is headquartered in Delaware.  The bank does business online, over the phone or by mail.

Current ING CD rates and terms include the following:

6 month ING CD rate is 0.75% 
9 month CD interest rate is 0.75% 
1 year CD rate1.00% 
18 month CD rate from ING bank is at1.00% 
2 year term bank rate is 1.10% 
30 month ING Direct CD rate is at1.10% 
3 year CD rate is 1.25% 
4 year bank CD rate 1.25% 
5 year CD rate 1.25% 

If the fund in the bank CD accounts is withdrawn before the end of the term, certain penalties will apply.  For a CD term that is 12 months or less, the penalty is three months of interest.  With the bank CD terms that are longer than 12 months, the early withdrawal penalty is six months of interest.

The CD rates listed are current as of this publication May 5, 2010 but cannot be guaranteed.  CD rates are subject to change and may require bank approval or additional conditions may apply. 

To obtain current CD rates or to obtain additional account information from ING Bank on their CD rates and account, a bank representative can be reached at 1-800-464-3473.

Along with the certificates of deposit, ING Direct offers a competitive interest rate on an online savings account as well as an interest bearing checking accounts.

ING Group is the part of ING Group which is based in Amsterdam.  ING Group offers banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services to individuals, corporate clients and institutional clients in over 40 different countries.