The Best 4 Year CD Rates
Find the Top Ten Best 4 Year CD Rates. Compare the Best 4 Year CD Rates from the Highest CD Rates Offered Nationally from FDIC Insured Banks. The Highest 4 Year bank CD Rates Listed By Bank. Browse the Top 4 Year CD Rates Avaialble from a Survey Covering the Best Bank Rates Across the Nation. Current 4 Year CD Interest Rates Updated November 2, 2015.
4 Year CD Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
M.Y. Safra Bank CD Rates
2.16% 4 Year $5,000.00
Northern Bank Direct CD Rates
2.15% 4 Year $500.00
TIAA Direct CD Rates
2.12% 4 Year $1,000.00
EverBank CD Rates
2.12% 4 Year $1,500.00
First Internet Bank CD Rates
2.07% 4 Year $1,000.00
Barclays Bank CD Rates
2.05% 4 Year $1.00
Synchrony Bank CD Rates
2.00% 4 Year $25,000.00
Salem Five Direct CD Rates
2.00% 4 Year $10,000.00
Popular Direct
2.00% 4 Year $10,000.00
Home Savings Bank CD Rates
2.00% 4 Year $5,000.00
National certificate of deposit rates once again moved lower for the week ending July 16, 2010. According to the most recent survey of bank CD rates performed by, CD interest rates were lower for three of the five CD maturities measured and remained unchanged for the remaining two terms. The average of the top
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When individuals wish to guarantee payment to someone they think of these three types of checks but often don’t know one from another. Let’s attempt to set them straight. A Certified Check is a type of check where the issuing bank guarantees the recipient of the check that there is enough cash available in the