Today's Savings Account Rates
Today's top 10 Savings Account Rates. The best Savings Account Rates offered nationally. Compare the best Savings Account Rates from the Top Bank Rates Across the Country. Find Savings Account Interest Rates for the Highest Interest Savings Account. Savings Account Rates Current as of January 26, 2015.
Savings Account Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
IncredibleBank Money Market Rates
1.07% Savings $2,500.00 Savings
1.06% Savings $10,000.00
SalemFive Direct Savings
1.05% Savings $100.00
1.05% Savings $1.00
GE Capital Bank Savings
1.05% Savings $1.00
SFGI Direct Savings
1.01% Savings $500.00
Synchrony Bank Savings Rates
1.00% Savings $50.00
iGO Banking Savings Account Rates
1.00% Savings $1.00
Barclays Savings Account Rates
1.00% Savings $1.00
Ally Bank Savings Account Rates
0.99% Savings $1.00
With the stock market running scared and government debt issues here and abroad putting fear into the market, interest rates remained low last week.  Skittish markets generally drive funds into the Treasury market pushing Treasury rates lower which keeps a lid on the movement on most other interest rate sensitive assets in the U.S. which
The first step to budgeting your money is to fully understand how you spend your money today. The best method to get a handle on your expenses is to write down every purchase you make for two weeks or a month if you can. This may sound annoying to do, but you will come
Do you need short-term savings? Yes, you most certainly do. And it’s likely you need far more than you have stashed away somewhere. Short-term savings is more than the few hundred you stick in a statement savings account at your local bank to cover next year’s Christmas presents. True short-term savings