Today's Savings Account Rates
Today's top 10 Savings Account Rates. The best Savings Account Rates offered nationally. Compare the best Savings Account Rates from the Top Bank Rates Across the Country. Find Savings Account Interest Rates for the Highest Interest Savings Account. Savings Account Rates Current as of April 21, 2014.
Savings Account Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
SFGI Direct Savings
1.01% Savings $5,000.00
SalemFive Direct Savings
1.00% Savings $0.90
GE Capital Bank
0.95% Savings $50.00
FT High Yield Savings Account Rates
0.95% Savings $2,500.00
The Palladian Private Bank Savings Account Rates
0.90% Savings $10,000.00
CIT Bank Savings Rates
0.90% Savings $1.00
Barclays Savings Account Rates
0.90% Savings $1.00
Bank5 Connect
0.90% Savings $100.00
Ally Bank Savings Account Rates
0.87% Savings $1.00
FNBO Direct Savings Account
0.85% Savings $1.00
Short term savings refers to money that you keep out of your checking account and stash away somewhere close in case of an emergency or a planned expense in the not too distant future. This may be a fund for something unexpectedly unhappy like car repairs, or it may be for something like college tuition in
CD interest rates made a modest move to upside for the last week of March.  The CD rate index ticked up by 6/1000ths of percent or .006 percent to end the month on March 28th, 2013.  The index closed the week with an average rate of 1.010 percent which compares to the prior week’s
It seems hard to believe that bank certificate of deposit rates could slide much lower, but the past week was in fact another down week for most all CD maturities.  The results of the weekly bank rate survey indicated that CD rates were lower across all terms with the exception of the long term, five year