Today's Savings Account Rates
Today's top 10 Savings Account Rates. The best Savings Account Rates offered nationally. Compare the best Savings Account Rates from the Top Bank Rates Across the Country. Find Savings Account Interest Rates for the Highest Interest Savings Account. Savings Account Rates Current as of April 14, 2014.
Savings Account Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
SFGI Direct Savings
1.01% Savings $5,000.00
SalemFive Direct Savings
1.00% Savings $0.90
GE Capital Bank
0.95% Savings $50.00
FT High Yield Savings Account Rates
0.95% Savings $2,500.00
The Palladian Private Bank Savings Account Rates
0.90% Savings $10,000.00
CIT Bank Savings Rates
0.90% Savings $1.00
Barclays Savings Account Rates
0.90% Savings $1.00
Bank5 Connect
0.90% Savings $100.00
Ally Bank Savings Account Rates
0.87% Savings $1.00
FNBO Direct Savings Account
0.85% Savings $1.00
As mortgage rates moved closer to record lows and the stock market made a nasty turn to the downside, CD interest rates managed to show a slight uptick.  The average CD rate available nationally measured by the CD rate index was bumped up this past week by 6/1000ths of a percent.  The CD rate
The best CD rates available nationally ticked up a notch for the week ending May 6, 2011. The average rate for the highest CD rates covering all CD terms surveyed by from three months to five years was 1.383 percent or .014 percent higher than the previous week. The increase in the
Not so long ago if people knew they were about to be coming into some money yet they needed to pay a bill right now, they could do what is known as “floating” a check. This involves writing a check when there actually isn’t enough money to cover the balance, at least at the