Today's Current 5 Year CD Rates
Today's top 10 5 year CD rates. The best five year bank CD rates offered nationally. Compare the best five year CD rates from the highest CD rates being offered.
5 Year CD Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
E-Loan CD Rates
2.10% 5 Year $10,000.00
First Internet Bank CD Rates
2.07% 5 Year $1,000.00
Synchrony Bank CD Rates
2.05% 5 Year $25,000.00
Barclays Bank CD Rates
2.05% 5 Year $1.00
Nationwide Bank CD Rates
2.00% 5 Year $500.00
National Bank of Kansas City
2.00% 5 Year $5,000.00
Live Oak Bank CD Rates
2.00% 5 Year $75,000.00
Home Savings Bank CD Rates
2.00% 5 Year $10,000.00
GS Bank CD Rates
2.00% 5 Year $500.00
Colorado Federal Svgs Bank CD Rates
2.00% 5 Year $5,000.00
The best certificate of deposit rates for the week ending May 8, 2009 saw declines for the short term and midterm rates and an increase for the long term CD rates.  The average for the best two year term CDs were unchanged for the week.  The average of the top ten CD rates with a
CD interest rates were, by and large, unchanged for the week.  The best short term CD rates increased in yields slightly while long term CD rates moved lower.  Overall, the average rate for the top ten best CD interest rates remained in check.  The composite CD rate which measures the top ten highest CD
CD interest rates were down by just a wee bit for the week ending October 12, 2012.  Based on the most recent survey of bank CD rates conducted by, the average rate found on the top ten CD rates measured by the CD rate index was off by just 1/1000th of a percent for