Today's 15 Year Mortgage Rates
15 Year Mortgage Rates July 21, 2014. Today's Top 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates. The Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates Offered Nationally. Compare the Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates. 15 Year Bank Mortgage Rates from the Nations Largest Bank Mortgage Lenders.
15 Year Mortgage Rates
Bank Mortgage Rate Points APR
Chase Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.000 0.125 3.126
Bank America Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.375 0.131 3.508
Discover Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.125 1.000 3.375
Wells Fargo 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.500 1.000 3.573
US Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.500 0.000 3.609
Provident Funding Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.000 0.000 3.126
SunTrust Bank 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.200 1.042 3.386
TD Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.438 0.000 3.542
Fifth Third Mortgage 15 Yr Rates
3.250 0.125 3.370
Nationwide Bank Mortgage Rates
3.250 0.250 3.415
CD interest rates continue to plunge as banks remain awash with reserves and investors flock to the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds.  CD interest rates have suffered from a number of fronts including the biggest force coming from the Fed’s position in 2011 to drive bank rates down in an effort to help the housing
CD rates were off just slightly for the week ending February 17, 2012.  Based on current CD interest rate survey performed by, the average CD rate among the best CD rates available nationally was lower by only 2/1000ths of a percent.  The average CD rate in the survey is established with the CD
Opportunities for investing in high rate certificates of deposit are still available in a variety of markets.  Florida residents for example, have a number of CDs with a range of maturities to choose forms that are appreciably above the national averages.  The best six month CD rate in Florida is over ½ percent higher than