Today's 15 Year Mortgage Rates
15 Year Mortgage Rates September 2, 2014. Today's Top 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates. The Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates Offered Nationally. Compare the Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates. 15 Year Bank Mortgage Rates from the Nations Largest Bank Mortgage Lenders.
15 Year Mortgage Rates
Bank Mortgage Rate Points APR
Chase Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.375 0.375 3.538
Bank America Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.375 0.291 3.548
Discover Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.125 1.125 3.377
Wells Fargo 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.500 1.000 3.554
US Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.500 0.000 3.625
Provident Funding Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.000 0.000 3.126
SunTrust Bank 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.125 1.152 3.327
TD Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.438 0.000 3.542
Fifth Third Mortgage 15 Yr Rates
3.375 0.000 3.496
Nationwide Bank Mortgage Rates
3.250 0.125 3.397
The Federal Funds Rate is the interest rate at which private financial institutions such as banks lend their reserves held at the Federal Reserve to other financial institutions overnight for short term needs. A bank or other financial institution lends out most of the money deposited with it but also is obligated by law to keep
Bank CD rates were moderately lower for the week for the week ending October 29, 2009.  The short term CD interest rates had the largest rate movement, unfortunately to the downside.  Mid term CD rates were modestly higher and the long term, five year CD rates were down just slightly. Six month CD rates that are
Fair Housing Act (1968) Prohibits discrimination in the extension of housing credit on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or family status. Truth in Lending Act (1968) Requires uniform methods for computing the cost of credit and for disclosing credit terms.  Gives borrowers the right to cancel, within three days, certain loans secured by