Today's 15 Year Mortgage Rates
15 Year Mortgage Rates December 15, 2014. Today's Top 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates. The Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates Offered Nationally. Compare the Best 15 Year Mortgage Rates. 15 Year Bank Mortgage Rates from the Nations Largest Bank Mortgage Lenders.
15 Year Mortgage Rates
Bank Mortgage Rate Points APR
Chase Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.375 0.000 3.484
Bank America Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.125 0.352 3.304
Discover Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
2.990 1.125 3.240
Wells Fargo 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.500 1.000 3.536
US Bank Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.375 0.000 3.500
Provident Funding Mortgage 15 Year Rates
2.875 0.500 3.071
SunTrust Bank 15 Year Mortgage Rates
3.100 1.023 3.283
TD Mortgage 15 Year Rates
3.562 0.000 3.641
Fifth Third Mortgage 15 Yr Rates
3.250 0.125 3.360
Nationwide Bank Mortgage Rates
3.125 0.000 3.253
Bank certificate of deposit rates put the brakes on this week, slowing down on their prolonged descent for the week ending August 14, 2009.  This week national CD rates didn’t increase, but as a whole their downward movement was relatively minor.  Overall, it was a mild week for activity in CD rates.  The six month and
It may surprise you to know that ATM machines were not popular when they first appeared. Consumers were wary of letting a machine handle their money, and they greatly preferred face-to-face interactions. But ATMs are much more profitable for banks as they don’t require paying a friendly smiling face to greet customers.
CD interest rates moved lower yet again. For CD investors, fortunately, the news wasn’t all bad.  While Treasury rates and mortgage rates have dropped precipitously over the past two weeks, the best CD interest rates available nationally have dropped only modestly. The average rate for the top ten best CD rates across all maturities measured in