Today's Current 1 Year CD Rates
Today's top 10 1 year CD rates. The best one year bank CD rates offered nationally. Compare the best one year CD rates from the highest CD rates being offered. Current 1 year CD rates updated April 14, 2014.
1 Year CD Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
GE Capital Bank CD Rates
1.05% 1 Year $25,000.00
CIT Bank CD Rates
1.05% 1 Year $25,000.00
AmtrustDirect CD Rates
1.05% 1 Year $500.00
ableBanking CD Rates
1.05% 1 Year $500.00
Virtual Bank CD Rates
1.01% 1 Year $10,000.00
Silvergate Bank
1.01% 1 Year $2,500.00
BAC Florida Bank CD Rates
1.01% 1 Year $500.00
Palladian Private Bank CD Rates
1.00% 1 Year $10,000.00
SalemFiveDirect CD Rates
1.00% 1 Year $10,000.00
Home Savings Bank CD Rates
1.00% 1 Year $10,000.00
Bank certificate of deposit rates for the week ending November 13, 2009 were lower for all maturities with the exception of the five year term bank CD.  The greatest CD rate reductions were on the mid term, two year bank CDs with the short term rates experiencing only a mild decrease in the average interest
The Internet is a convenient destination for consumers, general surfers, and for investors. Online banking and online investing has become increasingly popular for both the investor and for the financial institutions. Lower overheads for the banks, in particular, mean that they can pass some of these cost savings onto their potential customers.
Bank CD rates were just modestly lower for the week ending September 11, 2009.  The short term, six month CD rates took the brunt of the pain while the one year and five year CD rates held steady and the two year CD rates showed a slight loss in yield.  The best six month CD rates