Today's Current 1 Year CD Rates
Today's top 10 1 year CD rates. The best one year bank CD rates offered nationally. Compare the best one year CD rates from the highest CD rates being offered. Current 1 year CD rates updated November 2, 2015.
1 Year CD Rates
Bank APY Term Min $ Open
PurePoint Financial CD Rates
1.45% 1 Year $10,000.00
Banesco USA CD Rates
1.45% 1 Year $1,500.00
EverBank CD Rates
1.42% 1 Year $1,500.00
Live Oak Bank CD Rates
1.40% 1 Year $75,000.00
BAC Florida Bank CD Rates
1.37% 1 Year $500.00
M.Y. Safra Bank CD Rates
1.36% 1 Year $5,000.00
Colorado Federal Svgs Bank CD Rates
1.35% 1 Year $5,000.00
Virtual Bank CD Rates
1.34% 1 Year $10,000.00
First Internet Bank CD Rates
1.33% 1 Year $1,000.00
CIT Bank CD Rates
1.32% 1 Year $1,000.00
For yet another week, CD interest rates headed lower.  The average rate on the top ten best CD rates available nationally decreased by .013 percent to a rate of 1.252 percent for the week ending September 9, 2011.  The reduction of 0.013 percent is certainly not insignificant based on the current low average rates, but
The average interest rate earned on bank CDs rose by 1 basis point or 1/100th of a percentage point. Though CD rates increased, the trend has been for declining rates since the start of the year. The month of February has remained remarkably calm with CD rates gyrating very little thus far.
Online banking is one of the newest forms of banking, and it seems every traditional (and not so traditional) bank is offering online services or completely automating their activities on the internet. It may be that you have only a few bills to pay every month or that you’re still learning to navigate the